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Exemption from development tax for housing financed with state-supported loans

Article 1635 quater D of the CGI, created by article 1 of the executive order of 14. June 2022 regarding the transfer to the Directorate-General for Public Finance of the management of the development tax and the residential part of the fee for preventive archeology, specifies the automatic exemptions that apply to certain categories of constructions and settlements.

2° in I of this article allows for exemption from development tax for residential and accommodation premises financed with certain forms of state aid. This system is part of the state’s goals in terms of housing policy, financing and investment for the construction and improvement of housing.

While the financing conditions to benefit from this exemption were before the transfer of the development tax to the General Directorate of Public Finances, listed in article L. 331-7 of the urban planning law, article 1635 quater D of the CGI refers to a decree that defines these financing conditions.

A decree of 7 November thus aims in the regulatory part of the CGI to include the financing conditions in the Building and Housing Act and to make buildings eligible for exemption from development tax.



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