Expenses for vets, funerals… and if you insure your pet?

If you can’t afford vet fees, or they can put you in the red, insure your pet. The inability to meet the medical costs of a cat or a dog is one of the main reasons for the abandonment of animals in France. However, a plethora of mutual offers for animals exist today, to protect its finances. “Not all of them are equal, of course, but some are effective, deciphers Olivier Moustacakis, director of Assurland. It’s a growing niche market. It is growing by about 10% each year. »

Currently, only 7% of the 22 million dogs and cats are insured in France, compared to 80% in Sweden, for example. “We are a lot behind in France, we think there is real potential. It’s a very good way to reduce veterinary costs and protect yourself in the event of a hard blow, ”notes Caroline Bruzac, director of insurance solutions for individuals at Generali. The insurance company has signed a partnership with the SPA so that the association offers its mutual during an adoption.

The 100% digital AssurTechs (Acheel, Dalma, Lovys, etc.) compete with historical players (SantéVet, Assur O’Poil, ECA Assurance, etc.) by trying to lower prices. Start-ups offer “personalized” contracts where the individual can choose their own guarantees. On average, for minimum coverage, it takes between 8 and 20 euros per month. “But entry-level offers do not offer optimal guarantees. They only cover accidents, warns Olivier Moustacakis. It takes 25 euros per month, minimum, to have solid coverage. »

Beware of the many exclusions in the contract

There are, however, many exclusions. Begins with age. No insurance agrees to cover an animal over 8 years old, considering that the risk of disease is too high. In general, annual reimbursement ceilings are imposed, varying between 1000 and 2500 euros. “It is advisable to read the guarantees carefully, as for each contract”, supports the director of Assurland.

The most complete and expensive offers sometimes cover the rental of a kennel if you are hospitalized, capital for the animal’s funeral expenses or even “search assistance” if you have lost. “We try to be as close as possible to the needs of individuals, emphasizes Caroline Bruzac. These mutuals are still unknown in France, the market is clearly under-equipped. While they can represent a real solution for families in need. »

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