Experience this magnificent letter from a puppy to his master

Découvrez cette magnifique lettre d'un chiot à son maître

The beautiful letter from a puppy to his master

You is my friend and I only ask for love.
You have decided to take responsibility for me and I am grateful to you for your determination.

It will exist between us a secret and a covenant of trust who i promise you will never be broken from me.

You must understand for a while, I have just separated from my mother and my siblings.

You will notice that I am disoriented, agitated. And some nights I want to cry because I miss them.

understand me I will understand you for many years and I will be your best friend, I will understand your mood swings, your joys, your good and your bad days, I will also be by your side to accompany you in your loneliness and in your sadness, I will always treat you with the same love. And in your grief I will always treat you with the same love, with the same loyalty.

I will lick the hand with which you punish me, because my capacity to forgive is infinite. But don’t punish me, teach me. I don’t know the details that might annoy you. And I will make you happy in everything.

I also want you to be proud of me when you see you lying at your feet and when I walk by your side in the street as your faithful shadow.

I would like to answer your ideal dog, but it is up to you; I will be a reflection of how you raise me and spoil me, help me not to disappoint you.

If you treat me with violence, I will be aggressive. Talk to me, I understand every word, even if I don’t answer you in the same language.

Learn to read my eyes and you will understand how much I understand you. I’m sure you’ll take care of me with love.

Step by step, we will be good friends and for more than ten yearsI will be by your side, we will grow together, we will share so many things… and the day I go to live in a star, I will often look at the sky because I will always see you from up there.

But I want to ask you something; So don’t leave my little bed empty, another puppy is waiting for you. And you will end up loving it as much as you love me.

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