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Faced with heat peaks, here are 5 tips to protect animals from heatstroke


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It’s hot this Saturday, June 18! With maximum temperatures expected of 31.4ºC in Aisne, 33.2ºC in Beauvais or 33.6ºC in Amiens, the mercury is rising this weekend.

Drinking water regularly, trying to keep your home as cool as possible, avoiding exposure to the sun… these are known rules for human beings.

But what to do when you have a dog, a cat, or any other pet? Here are some tips for your faithful companion to withstand the heat.

1/ Choose the right times and places for the walk

It sounds like common sense, but there may be a sidewalk, tarmac, or other flooring between your home and your dog’s favorite playpen that keeps the heat in. Remember that your dog’s paw pads are fragile. To avoid any burns, pay attention to the type of ground on which it walks.

As for outing times, Geo reminds you that walks are all the more enjoyable and beneficial for you and your pet early in the morning – in the cool, before 9 a.m. – or in the evening, after 6 p.m.

The rest of the time, whether it’s a dog or a cat, leave it cool in your home. If you can, ”
provide him with a shady spot
“, proposes Europe 1.

2/ Pay attention to your hydration

Dehydration awaits your pet as well as you. So remember to make a bowl of fresh water available, or even several if you have to be away, notes the Peta association.

This is not the only solution: to give food ”
» like pâtés, allows you to quench your animal’s thirst.

To maintain a cool space, you can also leave them a damp cloth to sleep on.

3/ Anti-heat stroke remedies

A dog or cat is breathing too fast? Reddening gums? Blue or white lips? It’s an emergency trip to the vet. Your pet has heatstroke!

To limit the risk of getting this heatstroke, you can, in addition to the previous advice, brush your cat to remove the hairs that are ready to fall out and avoid a pressure cooker effect. For dogs, depending on the breed, consider trimming their hair a little for the same reasons.

And above all, be careful never, ever, to leave your pet in your vehicle.

4/ What about new pets?

Gathered under the name of NAC – New pets – hamsters, snakes, mice can also be victims of the heat if we are not careful.

Start by not moving their cage away from the windows, close the shutters. Optionally add a damp towel around the cage.

5/ No pets? Help wild animals

Small birds, hedgehogs… so many small wild animals that can also suffer from the heat. BFM TV has taken over the recommendations of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO). So you can just leave a bowl of water, shallow. Important detail: place it in a clear place and
safe from potential predators

Remember, if possible, to place this bowl in the shade.




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