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Faced with inflation, the French are ready to give up a lot of things … but certainly not the end of the year celebrations

(ETX Daily Up) – Less Netflix, fewer places to eat… But for French consumers, there is no question of skipping Christmas! This is evident from a study carried out by the customer experience platform Sitecore, about the consumption patterns of the French in times of inflation.

In the midst of inflation and an energy crisis, the impending winter gives rise to many concerns. But if there’s one thing the French won’t give up, it’s Christmas! According to a new survey conducted by the Sitecore platform, 73% of the French intend to celebrate this event as it should and spoil their loved ones despite the price increases. In the expenditure items for Christmas, we find above all: gifts (65% for their children, 54% for friends or family), chocolate (44%), foie gras (37%) and alcohol (32%). . Proof that despite the anxiety-inducing and gloomy context, the desire to party remains present!

Worried about maintain their purchasing power, respondents nevertheless mention their intention to perform some changes in their consumption habits. For example, more than half of them (51%) plan to buy only gifts for their children, while 33% will use the points accumulated through the various brand loyalty programs and 22% intend to sell some of their possessions . on dedicated online sites.

Others are ready to tighten their belts by taking on other daily leisure activities: 35% of them are ready to reduce eating out and 19% to suspend some of their subscriptions to video platforms on demand, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Leisure and moments of relaxation nevertheless continue to occupy an important place in the priorities of the French. According to one latest Ifop survey, 71% of the French said they were excited about the idea of ​​going on holiday this summer. “A record for 15 years”, comments the polling institute. Likely consequence of two consecutive years of pandemic, where the desire to “revenge journey” therefore seems to have surpassed the desire to save despite inflation. Even if it means eating less well, as explained Flavien Neuvy, director of the Cetelem Observatory, July last year.



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