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Fifty years later, a look back at one of the biggest political scandals in the United States

A series of past times. A real soap opera at the time, Watergate, one of the most resounding political scandals in the United States, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It takes its name from the complex of buildings in Washington where it all started, when it was robbed. This spy case came to light thanks to two journalists from the washington post, June 17, 1972. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein will show that the five people arrested in the famous burglary were linked to the Nixon administration. But why is this case so passionate? We explain why in the video. A look back at the scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon on video.

Political mistrust and power of the media

“Nixon, is he guilty? “Is this a set-up to bring down the president?” »… For nearly 2 years, the Americans were passionate about the affair. But scoop after scoop or rather scandal after scandal, confidence in the Nixon administration is shaken. This led to more aggressive media coverage of the White House than before. And it is soon political power in the broad sense that suffers.

The Watergate affair therefore contributed to a deterioration in relations between the media and politicians, but allowed the development of a more critical approach in investigative journalism. And thanks to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, journalism has become an extraordinary counter-power.



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