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Flower parade 2023: volunteers ready for action

Rest assured, there will be a float made by volunteers from Souilhanels and Souilhe that will parade on Sunday August 20 through the streets of the world capital of Cassoulet on the occasion of the flower parade. Yes, the two municipalities’ volunteers were present at the meeting organized last Friday, and new volunteers were welcomed to the team. Raymond Véland, mayor, welcomed the participants with his colleague from Souilhanels, Didier Maerten. Jeanine Bonnety, head of the team, carried out the retrospective of tank 2022, “the majestic swan.. over the water”, from the realization of the subject and the creation of the costumes to “D-Day”, the last corso, with its moments of joint jubilation.

Then the topic 2023 was discussed, presented and unanimously adopted, but it is kept secret. The workshops for making crepe paper flowers begin on Tuesday 31 January and will take place every week from Sporting Club de Souilhe takes care of the financial side. Jeanine Bonnety counts on everyone’s diligence and commitment to accomplish this feat. Didier Maerten and Raymond Véland encouraged and thanked the volunteers for the beautiful floats that are produced every year, each as beautiful as the other, and which are a showcase for the two municipalities. This meeting ended with galette des rois and a glass of friendship.




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