Focus on the possibilities for a safe installation without drilling

Do you have a cat and a balcony? Definitely a bad combination. Cats are curious and like to go outside to observe the environment, admire the sun and sometimes hunt birds. As you already know, your pet is at a fairly high risk of falling and getting hurt. Securing the outdoor space is therefore essential. Oh no, you live in a rental and piercings are out of the question. So what to do? Which balcony protection for cats without drilling? Don’t panic because there are many solutions. Focus on the available options!

What type of balcony protection for cats without drilling?

Cat owners know this problem quite well: you must always close doors and windows on the balcony to prevent the cat from falling. However, these animals also like to get some fresh air, and they appreciate the sun’s warm rays. What if we told you that your cat can spend time on the balcony without being on the ground in front of the building? All this without drilling, without holes! Because building a cat house isn’t enough, your furry friend will also want to spend time outdoors. How to secure the balcony without drilling!

Special thread that does not require drilling

Who says protective netting for the balcony, says drilling! Not necessarily. There are actually several types of nets that are attached using stable polycarbonate brackets. These adhere with strong silicone and cure for 24 hours. Then we put the net through small openings on the bindings and you are done. Considering the many products sold in stores, you need to know how to make the right choice. Make sure the cat protection net meets the following criteria:

  • Strong and sturdy enough to resist cat scratching, climbing, biting and other cat attack strategies.
  • Easy attachment and light character.
  • Transparent mesh that does not impair visibility and is invisible from the street.
  • Resistance to UV rays and weather conditions.

Use magnets to fix the mesh

How to install a cat protection net without drilling? What other solution? To avoid drilling holes in the balcony, an almost impossible task if you live in a rental property, magnets come to your rescue. However, this option works if the balcony railing is made of iron. Experts recommend the use of FTN-25 magnetic hooks to hang the cat protection net on the balcony, no need to drill. If necessary, choose cable ties to better secure the network.

Balcony protection for cats without drilling: Custom system with retractable or foldable net

In some cases and depending on the type of balcony, it will probably be the best solution to choose a tailor-made system. With stable structures and no need to drill, some companies manufacture safety nets that are completely adapted to your and your cat’s needs. In addition, the retractable or collapsible opening system will allow you to clean your balcony when the cat is not outside. Demo in the video above!

Create a catio – a completely safe outdoor space

For those of you who don’t know, catio has a cat yard. It is a kind of house for felines, which is made of a fence that can be accessed from inside the home. The catio folds according to the surface you have and it allows you not to worry constantly when the cat is absent. Choose a fine enough net so that the animal can fully enjoy its environment and better satisfy its curiosity. The good news is that you can build a catio yourself, take a look at the detailed video above. The only drawback: this construction can take up too much space and clutter the balcony.

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