Fuel bonus, loaner insurance, extraordinary bonus… which will change on 1 September 2022

An extraordinary back-to-school bonus of 100 euros, extension of the fuel bonus, the possibility to change the borrower’s insurance at any time are among the back-to-school measures in favor of household purchasing power.

Payment of an extraordinary back-to-school bonus of 100 euros

Provided in accordance with the Act of 16 August 2022 on protection of purchasing power, this extraordinary help is aimed at the most modest households, recipients of social minima (RSA, AAH, Aspa, etc.), recipients of housing benefit (APL) and scholarship students. The extraordinary bonus is €100 plus €50 per dependent child. The aid is paid out automatically around mid-September by the organization that pays out the aid and allowance. This support benefits almost 11 million households

Increase in fuel price discount

This unit used since 1eh April 2022 is extended to 31 December 2022. The current reduction of 18 euro cents per liters until 31 August 2022, rises to 30 euro cents per litres for two months, September and October. In November and December, the fuel discount is reduced to 10 euro cents per litre. She always is directly deducted from the petrol price displayed at gas stations.

Refund of TV license for people who pay monthly

The contribution to public broadcasting, of €138 (€88 for the overseas departments) last year, will be abolished from 2022. Households who have paid this tax since the beginning of the year, monthly, will be refunded from September, when they are completely exempt from housing tax. For those still paying property tax on their main residence, the amount will be refunded in October or deducted from the remaining tax.

Blocking rent for “thermal colanders” since August 24

Since 24 August 2022, rents for homes classified F or G the energy performance diagnosis (DPE), rented empty or furnished, cannot be increased in the future. They cannot be reassessed annually according to the Reference Rent Index (IRL), even if a clause in the lease provides for this indexation.

Mandatory energy audit postponed to 1eh April 2023

An energy audit that complements the energy performance diagnosis (DPE), will gradually become mandatory for the sale of homes classified D, E, F and G sole proprietorship. This energy audit will allow the buyers of these homes to know, before the purchase, the scenarios for the work to be done to improve their energy and environmental performance.

The energy audit obligation for class F or G homes is suspended from 1eh September 2022 to 1eh April 2023.

Change of borrower insurance possible at any time for current mortgage loans

From 1eh September 2022, anyone repaying a mortgage, regardless of the date of signature, can change borrower insurance at any time, without waiting for the anniversary date and for free. The Lemoine Act of 1eh March 2022 introduced this right to infra-annual termination of borrower insurance, effective since 1.eh June 2022 for loan contracts signed from this date.

Unique release of employee savings

The employee can release in advance its profit sharing or its participation invested in PEE (Company Savings Plan, exempt from income tax and social contributions, within the limit of a total ceiling of 10,000 euros, before December 31, 2022. This case of extraordinary release, which is added to the other numerous opportunities to recover their savings before the 5-year term, shall finance the purchase of one or more goods or the delivery of several services.

The released amount may not be placed on another savings medium.

Amounts placed in a solidarity fund are not affected, as are amounts from voluntary contributions and matching contributions. The same applies to assets placed in a pension scheme (PERCO or PER Collectif).
We still have to await the publication of the inter-ministerial circular.

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