Gers. Naya, the new four-legged asset of the gendarmerie

the essential
Naya, a Malinois dog forms with the gendarme Rémy the new canine team of the Gers. An essential four-legged asset for the gendarmerie.

She is playful, affectionate but it is for her formidable flair that she was chosen to join a dog team. Naya, a one-and-a-half-year-old Mâlinoise dog, now shares the life of Rémy, a dog handler assigned to the Gers gendarmerie group.

A real asset in the fight against drugs for the gendarmes in most of their missions, Naya was trained and trained in “SAMBi” research: narcotics, weapons, ammunition and banknotes. Several months ago now, his former master showed up to law enforcement with the Malinois to donate it.

From the SPA to the gendarmerie

First placed in the SPA for lack of space in the brigade’s kennel, she was then collected by the gendarmes. It was in the Lot that Naya then joined the National Center for Canine Training of the Gendarmerie (CNICG), located in Gramont. On the spot, the dog is subjected to a work of “breaking in”. His attitude, his abilities are studied, the training begins. An integration which also succeeds the various expertises (veterinarians in particular) which validate the aptitudes of the Malinois and begin his training as a “police dog”. The dogs are also assigned to their new master according to the compatibility of the latter, the personality of the master and the dog.

The dogs of the canine teams have all the necessary comfort in the kennel where they live.

A 14-week training is required before being assigned. The dog learns to smell, to distinguish different smells and to adapt in a particular environment. Skills that are major and essential capacities in the service of the gendarmes. “Certain items such as banknotes are odorless to humans, for example,” says Rémy. Then attached to the surveillance and intervention platoon, this canine team detachment can be called upon to intervene throughout the department and beyond the borders of the Gers. But the training is not over yet. “There are constantly questionings,” says the gendarme. In the field, learning continues.

Only two teams officiate in the department, a formation with a Saint-Hubert (specialized in the search for people) and the SAMbi canine team. To join the school, you have to be physically fit, be under 40 and be a non-commissioned officer, but above all “passionate” recalls the dog handler. More than a profession, it is a vocation.

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