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Get away from it all without leaving the Cher: our selection of bars and restaurants where you can feel on vacation

From the shaded terrace of the Ligérien, in Saint-Thibault, suburb of Saint-Satur, at the foot of Sancerre, the view is breathtaking over the Loire, its sandbanks, and the ballet of birds on the surface of the water. “This setting, the natural side, is our asset”, rejoices Thibault Morlat, the boss. Very close to the campsite, the establishment of two hundred and forty chairs is open in the summer, from April to October. You can quench your thirst or eat there at any time. And even play minigolf, have fun in inflatable structures… Concerts are also organised. Nearby, the Raboliot offers walks on the river. This place is a family story. It is indeed the parents of the restaurateur who, before him, already ran the establishment. “It’s been fifty-six years that it lasts,” he smiles. Both tourists and locals come here. Among them are the faithful. “It is above all a family clientele. We cook simple, unfussy food… A lot of people who have known the establishment for a long time – some saw me when I was little! – come to recharge their batteries. »

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The Terrace, in Bessais-le-Fromental

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Stronghold of the summer in the Cher, the pond of Goule can count on a snack to satisfy the hollow teeth. Grills, burgers or salads are available at the brasserie la Terrasse, run by Christophe Salis, manager of the place for five years. To drink or to eat, therefore, in a lively setting with many leisure activities. “At 30 meters, you can soak your feet,” he explains. Without counting all the activities of the leisure center of the pond. » Such as sailing, swimming or laser tag, as well as accommodation (chalets, hotel rooms). Open from the end of April to the end of September, the Terrace has already started its season well, according to its manager who also manages the Hôtel de la poste, in winter, a Savoyard restaurant in Saint-Amand-Montrond. Open from Friday to Sunday until June 30. Then every day, from noon to 10 p.m. in July and August.

La Courcillière, in Bourges

The marshes of Bourges. The destination seems inevitable and on its way, you could come across La Courcillière. As soon as we enter rue Babylone, the restaurant appears to us, largely surrounded by the water of the marshes. Attracting tourists like Berruyers, La Courcillière can now attract… buyers. Denis Julien, owner of the place for more than three decades, affirms it, the restaurant is for sale, because he is going to retire. A former guinguette steeped in history whose origins date back to 1906, the traditional à la carte establishment sees its walls decorated with an exhibition of paintings retracing the course of the marshes again and again. Open year-round, the restaurant, although located very close to the city center, has a special charm in summer, with its marshes embracing the terrace and allowing a total and rapid change of scenery.
Closed Tuesday evening, Wednesday all day.

premium Sidecar trips, western village, floral workshop, bubble football, plant maze… But who said there was nothing to do in Berry?

The Caraqui, in Bourges

A child of the swamp. It’s a little like that that we could define Christian Miens, manager of Caraqui, whose father himself had a garden in the marshes. But that’s also how we could define the restaurant. A stone’s throw from the Carrefour shopping center, it nevertheless seems miles away from civilization, as peace and nature have a table named after them in Caraqui. Peaceful and natural, in the heart of the marshes of Bourges, in a path that bears the same name, the restaurant is transformed into a real haven of peace. Open summer and winter, the Caraqui nevertheless has a significant advantage in summer since the shade of the lime trees spreads over a terrace and can accommodate up to seventy people. It will be a question of small fries, frog legs but also local products. “A traditional restaurant in short”, according to the manager with the found motto: “Coming is good, booking is much better.” “To eat or drink, everyone can find something there, despite the announcement of municipal works this summer, which will make Chaussée de Chappe one-way in July and August and therefore more complicated accessibility . Nothing to tremble for Christian Miens, who plans a few barbecue Sundays open to 80 people. Right answer.
In summer, closed on Monday and Tuesday evening. (Open Sunday evening from June 15 to August 30).

The snacking stopover, in Thénioux

In the four corners of the Cher, it is possible to find your little vacation square. In Thénioux, the Berry canal says goodbye to the Cher department. A gourmet goodbye since the Escale Snacking accompanies the canal. Former bar, passed into the hands of the Association for navigation in Vierzon on the Berry canal (Navicabe), it is now Nicolas and Clément Bardiot, two brothers who also manage the guest rooms Le petit Nançay, who have taken over this Stopover last year. Exit a cone of fries and a can of coke, the homemade is moored at l’Escale with marinated chicken, salmon steak or other prawns cooked a la plancha. A menu with appetizers and desserts that appeals to the greatest number. Note, in parallel with the catering, bike rental available for half a day. Closed on Mondays. Route de Tours, Thénioux.

Bar of the Town Hall, in Bourges

“Some merchants tell me: “Fred, you have the most beautiful terrace in Bourges.” » Truth or not, the garden of the Archdiocese offers one of the most emblematic terraces of the city. The Town Hall bar occupies a central place in Bourges, next to the Saint-Etienne cathedral. Arrived in 2013, Fred Pasquiet, finished his second five-year term of management of the bar and got used to the place: “Here, you can eat, have a drink, dance. I open at 7:30 in the morning, I close at 8 p.m. » Open all year round, the boss can count, for the high season, on Xavier, his server, who is even older in the area. In the shade of lime trees, the place lends itself perfectly to families, with games for children. Every Sunday and public holiday, before the end of September, the oldest can wiggle their hips under the orchestras of a guinguette (photo). Opening hours: closed on Monday.

The old mill, in Saint-Germain-du-Puy

It’s hard not to find your account there. Catering, events of all kinds or fairs, the Vieux Moulin is rich in many offers and in particular a summer one. Taking advantage of a rural setting, just a few hundred meters from a shopping area that seems very far away, the restaurant opens during the summer in the Yèvre, which bathes the property of Christian Cassard, and at an arm artificial watering an islet. The whole overlooked by the famous mill dating from 1556. In the kitchen, Romain Di Nardo, chef, is working on “a simple and traditional cuisine” with fresh and local products, favoring short circuits because “in the region, we find everything”. The menu, which is also renewed five times a year, will provide a lighter summer menu for tourists and regulars alike. Closed Sunday evening and Monday. Address: 41 rue Jean-Jaurès, Fenestrelay in Saint-Germain-du-Puy.

Small talks, in Apremont-sur-Allier

The commune of Apremont-sur-Allier is at the crossroads of the departments. Village of the Cher, not far from the Nièvre, Apremont also sees the Allier grow its horn a little, and it is moreover this river which comes along the banks of one of the most beautiful villages in France. It goes without saying that tourism is the beating heart of Apremont, its floral park and its castle. So from April 1 to September 30, Loane Noulin is back at Les Petites Causeries. Also patron of the Brasserie du Lavoir, the manager offers tourists and locals alike a non-stop catering from morning to evening. “We try to stay home-made as much as possible,” explains this former computer scientist. House specialty ? Savory sandwiches, which also replace savory pies, with homemade breads in particular. Salty, but also sweet, because it is also possible to come on the terrace to simply drink a coffee or eat a pastry right on the edge of the allier. Closed on Mondays.


La Guinguette de l’Auron, in Bourges The month of July should see the Guinguette flourish on the banks of the Auron, near the Palais d’Auron. Expected for the spring, the construction has been delayed due to an imbroglio around the public order placed last January. The company in charge of installing the container that will serve as the basis for the establishment, had then sent its response in paper and not electronic form. After this inconvenience, work was able to begin in May, thus moving the opening for the high season. Future “barkers” will be able to take advantage of a calm setting, which the municipality is trying to appease with the work of narrowing the lanes of boulevards Lamarck and Auron.

Matis Rapacioli (with Vincent Michel)




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