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Get the most out of your activities thanks to Leocare

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To be well insured on a daily basis, you have taken out house insurance, car insurance and, because you have two-wheel motorcycle insurance. But are you really well insured? What happens if one of your kids has a problem during their tennis lesson or you get hurt while going down the slopes? Being well insured during all your activities is important, because accidents also happen outside the home. Thanks to complete offers and options that allow you to customize the guarantees, Leocare ensures that you get the full benefit of your activities throughout the year.

High performance insurance for your motorcycle excursions

Motorcycle excursions are real moments of pleasure for all motorcyclists. But for these walks to be perfect, you need optimal protection. Leocare offers motorcycle insurance that is as comprehensive as it is effective. Thanks to 3 warranty levels, all two-wheel owners can find warranties adapted to their needs. Third party motorcycle insurance is the basic formula. Very affordable, it includes civil liability, in other words all material and bodily damage caused by the insured, but also the bodily injury of which he is the victim. The protection covers medical expenses and costs for home adaptation, if necessary. The Tiers+ formula is more elaborate. It provides protection against theft, fire, natural and technological disasters and attacks. Motorcycle equipment and accessories are also insured under this formula with a €0 deductible. The All Risks formula provides optimal coverage as drivers are covered and therefore compensated for all damages you suffer, regardless of whether you are responsible for the accident or not.

Leocare motorcycle insurance policies all include a free Liberty Rider subscription. This application is also called the guardian angel of motorcyclists. Thanks to it, it is possible to create routes, find rides or exchange with other motorcyclists. In case of an accident, the application can also save your life. It allows you to be geolocated thanks to GPS. Liberty Rider membership is free for the duration of the contract. Another great advantage, if you do not use your motorcycle all year round, you can activate the winterization of the vehicle for 150 days a year. Just go to the Leocare app to activate winter days.

School insurance that also covers children’s activities

Every year your children’s schools ask you for proof of school insurance. If you have taken out home insurance with Leocare, you can activate school insurance, which is part of the options. Regardless of whether your children attend kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, upper secondary school and even higher education, they are covered against injuries caused or suffered during school time, but also during excursions, the canteen and especially leisure activities. All children under the age of 25 can be covered by this insurance.

In order to take out school protection, you must therefore have home insurance. Leocare offers 3 levels of guarantees, namely Eco, Medium or Premium. The Eco formula offers basic protection, the one that is mandatory, namely civil liability. It is also possible to choose more complete offers. Depending on your needs, you will be covered against theft, vandalism, fire, water damage, natural disasters, climatic and technological disasters and attacks. The value of chattels and valuables can also be adjusted from the app. A few clicks is all it takes to benefit from a truly effective tailored insurance policy. Furthermore, it is thanks to the application that you will be able to activate the school insurance. In a few minutes you have access to the certificates. You can easily download them and then send them to institutions that require them.

Snow card insurance to ski with complete peace of mind

If, like many people, you like to spend your winter holidays on the ski slopes, know that it is not uncommon for these trips to the mountains to be accompanied by injuries. Thanks to the Leocare snow card, you’re covered. How to take advantage of it? You simply have to activate the option from your home insurance. This is free. The snow card protects you during your entire stay in the mountains. In the event of an accident on site, you will be reimbursed for rescue, assistance and transport costs up to €5,000.

Why choose Leocare?

As you have probably understood, Leocare’s offers are as practical as they are effective. They give you solid coverage, whether you’re at home or out. Also, to go further, you should know that if you take out car insurance, you will also benefit from support from abroad. But why choose Leocare? This neo-insurance is different from the others, especially in terms of how it works. Instead of having agencies in the biggest cities in France, Leocare has an application. This allows policyholders to take out a quote, adjust the guarantees and even take out additional options. Operating costs are reduced. This is how Leocare manages to offer prices that are 25% cheaper and this for equal services.

Policyholders remain fully supported by the teams through chat and customer service. In the event of a claim, all steps from the application are taken. A manager contacts the insured to provide assistance. Repayments are made quickly. Furthermore, 97% of policyholders choose to stay with Leocare after a claim. Don’t wait any longer to learn about the offers and, why not, change your insurance. A few minutes is enough to benefit from cheaper and equally protective insurance.



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