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Gradignan, a “medieval prison” denounced by Bordeaux lawyers

The administrative court of Bordeaux was to render its decision this Tuesday, October 11, seized by the international observatory of prisons, the order of lawyers of Bordeaux and the association for the defense of prisoners, to rule on the living conditions “inhuman” in which the inmates of the Gradignan prison survive. Decision still awaited this Wednesday, deplores Christine Maze, president of the Bordeaux bar, for whom “it was no longer a question of being silent” facing these prisoners who sleep on a mattress on the floor, in cells with leprous walls, infested with rats and cockroaches, who are served spoiled food, sometimes deprived of walks, etc.

Christine Maze asks the court “to enjoin the Minister of Justice to carry out very concrete, humane improvements which tend to the dignity of detainees”, such as installing the separation of the sanitary space from the rest of the cell space. The lawyer promises to be mobilized so that the ministry effectively applies the judgment if the court were to go in the direction of her request, “this will be our second fight” she specifies, “It’s a matter that requires total commitment”.



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