Green insurance sticker: prepare for the paper certificate to disappear in your cars

Bruno Le Maire announced the planned disappearance of the green sticker in 2023.

Bend over to slide his thumbnail insurance at the other end of the windshield will soon be a distant memory. Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy, announced this Tuesday, September 20, during a press conference, that the green insurance label had disappeared.

After a working meeting with Florence Lustman, president of France Assureurs, the minister said that the sector faced a very deteriorated situation due to the numerous claims registered in 2022. The vagaries of the climate and the impact of materials “weigh” on the finances of the sector.

As such, and although the gesture seems ridiculous, Bruno Le Maire announced the disappearance of the little green insurance sticker. The latter is actually the subject of nearly 50 million documents sent to policyholders each year. A significant economic cost but also an ecological heresy at a time when the police have a more effective tool to control drivers.

ud83dudd34 DIRECT | Press the point @brunolemaire and Florence Lustman, President of France Assureurs at the end of the working meeting with representatives of the insurance and mutual insurance sectors ud83dudc47

– Ministry of Economy and Finance (@Economie_Gouv) 20 September 2022

“Current 2023”

As reports, the file on insured vehicles is more efficient, centralized and fully computerized. It allows you to quickly check information regarding an insurance contract, such as registration, name of the insurance company and contract number with its validity period.

The end of the paper insurance certificate must be registered “during 2023”, said Bruno Le Maire. A measure presented as “a shock of simplification”.

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