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Green mountain: the fuchsias ready to welcome the runners on November 20 in Creuzier-le-Vieux (Allier)

Two weeks before the race, the Fuchsias made their traditional reconnaissance, on Sunday, of Green Mountain.
Around forty runners from the Creuzier-le-Vieux club, but not only, completed a loop of the 10.3 km circuit, which competitors will be able to cover once or twice, on November 20.

The 10 km accessible to everyone… despite the height difference

For this 15th edition, UCCV offers a 10 km solo. “It’s true that the green mountain can be a little scary with its positive height of 325 meters (650 over the 20.6 km). There, on a tour, we make it more accessible,” acknowledges Mickaël Basmadjian, the president of Fuchsias. But rest assured that the most experienced can always afford a double ration of the famous Conduite climb, the main difficulty of the race.

The Green Mountain gathered 175 runners this Sunday morning in Creuzier-le-Vieux (Allier)

In addition, it is always possible to register for the relay. “I hope it will take off, because at the moment there are not many people”, states Mickaël Basmadjian, who will accept registrations on the morning of the race. “Although it’s better to do it in advance,” he smiles.
Olivier Rezel

Registrations. On Sporttips, on the website ( or the club’s Facebook page.




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