Groundnut marketing campaign: private seed operators ready

The peanut marketing campaign will officially start on November 21. The private seed operators in Diourbel declare that they are ready but are asking the state to repay its debt to allow them to continue with the smooth running of the collection campaign.

The peanut collection campaign opens on November 21. Having set the price per kilo to the producer at 275 francs, the private seed operators declare that they are ready for a smooth implementation of the collection campaign. Sir. Adiou Sène, private seed operator who is also the mayor of the municipality of Par, explains: “We will comply with the directives of the Ministry of Agriculture, which has set the minimum price per kilo of peanuts at 275 francs at the end of a meeting of Cenia (National Interprofessional Peanut Council), which bringing together all the players. We are ready to start. And everything is set for a good start to the groundnut collection campaign. This award is the result of extensive consultation with the various players in the groundnut sector”. And he continues: “We are asking the government to pay our credits, which we have contacted the banks. The actors must have more funds in order not to have a break in the fundraising campaign. We have credits at the bank level. If the state does not pay us, we risk being blocked, because the banks do not want two consecutive credits “. Agricultural producers welcome this price. For Ibrahima Diouf Bagnakhe from the trade union Jappando in Diourbel, “if the purchase price is too expensive, we risk ik ke to be able to acquire seeds next year. Those who theorize the kilo price at 500 francs know very well that it cannot be”.


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