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hackers hack into one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers

Medibank, one of Australia’s leading private health insurers, said on Monday it had been hacked by hackers. The company announced that a sample of data from its few 9.7 million customers had been posted on a “dark web forum”. This data, including names, passport numbers, dates of birth, addresses and medical information has been posted anonymously on forums impossible to access from the traditional web.

While the hackers had demanded a ransom after the hack, the company’s refusal prompted the hackers to publish this personal data. In particular, cybercrime experts had estimated that the payment of the requested sum of money had only one “limited chance“to ensure the return of stolen data, had then explained David Koczkar, CEO of Medibank. He added that it could encourage direct extortion from its customers.

The Medibank hack follows an attack in September on the country’s second largest mobile operator, Optus, which leaked the personal information of around nine million Australians, i.e. almost a third of the population.

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