Have you considered insurance?

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In a few days you are going on a trip. Right now everything is ready: luggage, tickets, reservations… But haven’t you forgotten a very important element that will contribute to your peace of mind? We are of course talking about travel insurance. It is admittedly not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.

What is travel insurance?

When you go on tour, several events can happen that spoil your stay at the Laurentians hotel. There is theft, destruction or loss of luggage, illness, accident, cancellation… To deal with these situations there is travel insurance. Its purpose is to protect travelers before their departure until their return. It provides adequate coverage depending on the destination and length of stay. Given its importance, wouldn’t it be important to subscribe to this contract before leaving for a trip? To do this, we can turn to our bank, our mutual insurance, our classic insurance company or our travel agency.

Multi-coverage, assistance or multi-risk?

Before taking out travel insurance, it is advisable to first look at the insurance contracts you have taken out. Some offer travel cover. Credit card insurance sometimes offers useful guarantees for travel. The MasterCard Gold card and the Visa Premier card cover if used to pay for the trip. However, this is only valid if the stay does not exceed 90 days. We also check the recipients if we are not going alone, as well as the exclusions. As for travel assistance, it only covers the duration of the stay. As for multi-risk, it offers complete coverage before and during the trip.

Travel insurance guarantees

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Travel insurance offers an à la carte formula or all inclusive. The services included are cancellation insurance, luggage insurance, liability insurance and home transport insurance. The first reimburses costs if the trip is canceled due to illness, death or accident. The other takes care of loss, theft and destruction of luggage. The third is necessary in the event that material or bodily injury is caused during the stay. The fourth allows you to cover the costs if you have to return because you are injured or ill, or because a relative in France has died. We must also note the other guarantees such as car insurance, interruption of stay, late flight, legal assistance, etc.

The obligation to travel insurance

Whether you are traveling in Europe or abroad, some countries require travel insurance before issuing a visa. It is the same as presenting a valid passport to enter their territory. FYI, it is mandatory if you go to China, Russia, Algeria or Cuba. If you are traveling to countries where travel insurance is not mandatory, not taking out a contract poses risks. In fact, the incidents that can happen are expensive. We can cross our fingers that nothing unpleasant happens, but you never know! With travel insurance, you don’t get into debt, knowing that the trip itself already represents a large cost.

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