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He “freaks out” and kills his neighbor’s cat with a pair of scissors

A story worthy of a horror film. This Monday, October 31, at the beginning of the afternoon, a resident of Pujols, near Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne), suddenly heard his cat howl in pain. Alerted and looking for it, she then surprises her neighbor who kills the animal with a pair of shears normally meant for trimming hedges!

Shaken, the lady immediately alerted the police, according to our colleagues The midi broadcast. Meanwhile, the 70-year-old neighbor puts the poor cat’s body in the trunk of his car to get rid of it. But his little ruse is interrupted by the intervention of the police.

During questioning, he admitted to having “broke a nerveThe pensioner will be responsible for this barbaric act before the criminal court.




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