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he makes more than 5 million people laugh


Elodie Carpentier

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On social networks, the Internet user “Buitengebieden” wanted to share the first hours of his adopted cat in his apartment.

“First day with a cat”

It is never easy for a new four-legged friend to arrive in a new home.

As you will be able to discover on the sequence broadcast on Twitter, the cat took refuge in height to gauge its new environment.

A few seconds later, the tomcat throws a flowerpot on the ground to the chagrin of its owner, who says in the caption: “First day with a cat”.

On the social network, the video has been viewed more than 5.5 million times and has amused many Internet users.

Netizens empathize with cat owner

Users who did not hesitate to morally support the owner of the cat: “I have a cat that looks exactly like yours and does the exact same thing with the exact same expression. So I started putting fake things on him to knock over that aren’t breakable,” one says.

“‘Oh my! Cats have their own agenda when they move into a house. They train you. You just have to learn to set rules around them, so good luck with that,” another retold.

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