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He moves heaven and earth to find his “captive” dog at the naval base in Toulon

As he recounts his accident, Anthony struggles to hold back tears. This 30-year-old, resident of Solliès-Pont, lost his dog on December 18 in Toulon. That day, with Milky, a beautiful Australian shepherd crossed with a harlequin coat, he prepares to leave for Corsica to celebrate the end of the year. But nothing goes as planned.

“It was the day of the final of the football World Cup”Anthony remembers. “Minutes before I boarded the ferry, fireworks were going off in the parking lot all around us. My stepdad was holding Milky while I got my backpack. But my dog ​​was so panicked he broke his collar…”

The animal then fled to the port of Toulon as Anthony tries to catch up with him. The run is unbalanced. Witnesses at the scene tell him that the dog, terrified, ended up entering the naval base and crossing the front door in the face and under the beard of the security agents. One of them confirmed the scene for us.

He tries to call her from a canoe!

In front of the gates, Anthony calls to him. In vain. “I understand the staff didn’t want to let me into the military compound, but nobody did anything to pick him up either”he explains. “I was told he had been spotted by the cameras. Someone could have spent a few minutes tracking him down…”

Far from being desperate, the young carpenter moves heaven and earth for his dog. He alerts the maritime gendarmerie and puts up posters in the city if Milky has managed to get out. Every day, Anthony also walks along the impassable perimeter walls to call him, whistle him. In a kayak, the young carpenter even gets as close as possible to the military dock… armed with a megaphone!

“He’s like my son”

I’m told the crews have been warned that rounds are being made, but I’m not sure.”he sighs. “And then Milky could have been taken away. He might be hungry, lost in the woods, all the way west of the base.” In this impenetrable “pyro”, another corner of a 268-hectare arsenal, which for a small dog, even chipped, looks a lot like a high-security prison.

If only someone would come with me to look for him inside…” pleads Anthony in a low mood. “Milky is all I have. He is like my son. We have lived together for six years. He was three months old when I took him in when his owners wanted to put him down. He is a magnificent dog, amazing “well-educated, full of love. I am so unhappy…”

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