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He saves a dying puppy buried alive and finds out it’s ‘not a puppy at all’

He saves a dying puppy buried alive and finds out it’s ‘not a puppy at all’

An ornithologist named Ian Ellis was trying to spot birds when he thought he saw a little one in need. Yet he ended up rescuing a completely different animal.

Ian Ellis contacted Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary after seeing something strange in his spotting scope at the Frampton Marshes RSPB reserve. In fact, you haven herd of about 30 cows surrounded what appeared to be an abandoned puppy.

It was real though not a dog.

What is this herd of cows doing?

From his telescope, Ian Ellis therefore saw a small puppy immersed in the swampy ground. All the cows seemed to look worriedly at the little animal, but they didn’t know how to help it.

With time running out, the sanctuary workers Ian Ellis called gave him instructions on how to restore the animal.

It’s not a puppy:

This animal friend The 67-year-old set out to rescue what he thought was a dog in distress. But when he arrived at the area and took a closer look, he realized that the animal was not a dog at all.

The little creature that attracted a herd of cows was actually one abandoned baby seal.

Ian Ellis continued to follow the advice given to him by sanctuary workers over the phone and managed to transport the baby seal to safety.

An ornithologist saves (Celebration) the little seal:

The time Ian Ellis can take the little seal at Sanctuary Hospital, he was not doing very well. The little one, later named Celebration, was actually totally dehydrated and lethargic.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Sanctuary staff surmised that this little seal probably only had 5 days old and he was probably an orphan. The sanctuary vet believes Celebration was caught in high tide and swept into the swamp.

He gets the treatment he needs:

It must have been a truly terrifying experience for this baby seal. Imagine he was only 5 days old and had no parents to help him; he was in total distress, everything was terrifying to him. Fortunately, big-hearted ornithologist and animal lover Ian Ellis was able to save him and give him a chance at life.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Celebration received hydration fluids and was monitored until his condition began to improve. He also received antibiotic treatment for respiratory problems, etc recover completely.

He even played with other seals in the sanctuary:

He is too young to be able to feed himself in the water and therefore could not be released into the wild immediately.

The reports regarding Celebratory rescue by Ian Ellis has gone viral online. A video posted on YouTube about the Celebration story has been viewed over 480,000 times. Many netizens affected by this story have also left a comment on this incredible story.

“He’s great, he’s fine… he’s a beauty,” one user wrote.

“He’s so handsome,” wrote another.

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