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health insurance and dentists agree on facility regulation measures

In areas that are well equipped with dentists, a new doctor will now only get a contract if another one leaves. The agreement also contains a new tariff agreement, which aims to develop preventive efforts.

The health insurance and the two main trade unions of liberal dentists signed on Friday, July 21, a new tariff agreement, which aims to develop preventive care with the aim of achieving a “cavity-free generation”. In another area, the new agreement includes, for the first time, legal measures on the installation of dentists, to stop the formation of deserts for general practitioners, as there are for doctors.

Thus, in areas that are very well equipped with dentists (areas where 5% of the population lives and where 9% of dentists currently practice), health insurance will only contract a new dentist if another one leaves. This measure will also concern the salaried dentists in the centers, infrastructures that are multiplying in the large urban areas, which causes concern among the liberals.

Demographics of dentists”is more or less stable, with it falling sharply for doctors and rising sharply for paramedics”, recalled Thomas Fatôme, director general of Cnam (the health insurance fund), who presented the new agreement. Dentists thus join physiotherapists and nurses in the group of health professionals at the regulated facility. Some members would like to add doctors to this list.

Approximately 600 million euros in additional expenses

In addition, according to this collective agreement, which runs until 2028, subsidies can also be given for a dental examination every year for the age group 3-24 years. The price of these examinations will be more attractive to dentists with an increase of 10 euros (30 to 40 euros for, for example, the simple examination). The prices of preventive care will increase by 30%, to be more attractive to the practitioner, but only for 3-24 year olds.

The installation of a fluoride varnish, intended to protect the teeth from cavities, will be supported until the age of 24 instead of 9 years at the moment. In addition, the new agreement provides for an overall increase in conservative treatment prices of 4% for all patients. In total, the new agreement represents additional expenditure of 600 million euros over the entire period 2023-2028.



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