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Help me get custody of the little cat Kalinka

Kalinka, little cat of 8 months now was given to us by a stranger crossed in the street, who had the cat for 2 short weeks and who had to take his flight for the US. She made an appointment the day before her flight to the vet for the cat’s vaccines.

The vet refused to let her go with her cat because he deemed it too small.

Leaving the vet, she meets a stranger (my stepfather) to whom she explains the situation and to whom she leaves her cat without even knowing it.

She took her flight the next day. His mother was supposed to pick up the cat the following weekend, but we never heard from again.

Details to know: this girl adopted a cat without even having an apartment, She was staying with a friend’s parents.

She walks us from story to story from the beginning, so that we keep her cat.

Currently, he has been with us for 1 month, we educated him, made him clean, socialized him also because we have 4 other cats with whom he gets along wonderfully now.

We have a duplex with floor and large balcony which is a paradise for cats but this girl wants her cat back in december when we don’t even know her, to put it in a hold for thousands of kilometers only for his little happiness and his little pleasure.

This cat, we spent more time with him than he spent with her.

Currently he sleeps with me every night, he even adopted a cuddly toy that he nurses like his mother, he cries when I’m not there.

The day she comes to collect it for him, it will only be an unknown and nothing more.

He is an irresponsible person who adopts a cat when she has no home to take him innot even money to take care of it because it’s not her who sends us money to castrate her cat, it’s her grandfather!

NO MONEY NO PETS it makes sense!

She has to go abroad and makes an appointment the day before her departure for her cat, which she finally leaves to a stranger she meets by chance in the street.

She takes us from story to story, from lie to lie, she told us that she adopted him at the SPA, that is completely false, she says that she is a female and she did not even notice that it was not the case. It was me in 2 days who noticed that his papers were fake, It’s not a female but a male.

How could she not notice if she really takes care of her cat?

At the end we will have kept her cat 3 months for her to get it back when we don’t know each other at all and I don’t agree to return the cat to an irresponsible person who will take it away from the happiness in which it is currently, pto put it in a plane hold for a trip of several hours to the USA.

All that to go and put it on in a tiny studio when he’s been growing up in a big apartment for 4 weeks now, where we are always present, with other cats, full of love.

I don’t want to let that happen. Help me please.



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