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Here are effective tips to prevent your cat from attacking your Christmas tree

The ball of energy attracted to anything that moves, your cat is excited when the Christmas season arrives. In fact, his favorite playground is in your living room: the Christmas tree. Dressed in beautiful bright garlands and balls that shine brightly, your fur ball is especially attracted to him. Result: the damage is often there when he starts to climb and explore it. Don’t panic, there are a few tips and things to do to keep it off your beautiful tree, according to Jardiland.

Be sure to choose the perfect location for your tree

The first step, after buying the tree, is the location. Here it is necessary to pay attention to it, because it is a “strategic” choice. To do this, avoid placing it next to a piece of furniture that can be used by your little beast as a support point for its jumps. If you have a cat tree, keep it as far away as possible as well. ” If you have the opportunity, also choose a room for your tree that you close at night and that your pet will therefore not have access to. Because cats are very active at night! explains Jardiland.


You can also choose a small tree that you can place high, without the possibility of your cat jumping on it afterwards. Since cats are very territorial animals, they don’t really like it when their daily life, their environment is turned upside down. Give him time to get used to the tree and remember to protect and hide the sockets. ” Protect them with tape that won’t encourage your cat to chew on the cord… There are also cord protectors to keep pets from nibbling on them », explains Jardiland.

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Stabilize it and wait before placing the gifts

One of the other important steps is stabilization. In fact, if your cat manages to reach the tree, it will have very little trouble knocking it over, and in this case, you can say goodbye to your ” king of the woods “. To avoid any disaster, it is possible to reinforce its stability by placing it in a large pot with a wide bottom or a large solid basket “. If you have the opportunity, also try to attach it to the wall with fishing line, which is known for its resistance. Another important advice is about gifts. Very curious, your small or large cat will tend to want to know the contents of these packages or other mystery boxes… So he avoids ruining the surprise(s), remember to only put the gifts at the last minute.” because boxes wrapped in paper and ribbons or cords with large knots or hanging down arefavorite toy for cats! », explains Jardiland in particular.

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Divert his attention and save him health problems

If your cat is still attracted to the tree, try repellents. Spray it on and around your tree to keep your cat as far away as possible without endangering it. ” Once your cat has gotten into the habit of losing interest in the tree, you will want to reduce the frequency of using the repellent explains Jardiland. If you don’t want to use repellent, try distracting her and playing with your cat while someone sets up the tree. Buy him some toys with bells or a new play circuit so he can focus on them and not on the tree, the big green giant.

All these movements are important, even essential, on the one hand for your cat’s safety, so that it does not injure itself in contact with garlands or broken balls, but on the other hand for its health. The further you keep it away from your tree, the less likely it is to come and nibble it. Ingestion of thorns or debris from its decorations can cause intestinal obstructions and infections or even vomiting. So for your cat and your tree, make the right moves!



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