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Here are the foods and drinks to favor to stay well hydrated

In this period of intense heat, when summer has not even officially shown the tip of its nose, it is often advisable to hydrate a lot. The first instinct is obviously to drink water (1.5 liters per day at least). However, it is possible to turn to other foods and drinks to prevent the effects of the heat wave. The diet to adopt can be varied with a wide choice of dishes to put on its menu. Here is a selection that can be taken into account for the upcoming summer season.

The different fruits to favor

First of all, when it’s hot, it’s imperative to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to cope with extreme conditions. Consuming fruits will then be obligatory. Indeed, they are essential especially when it is hot. In addition to their refreshing effect, they will provide the necessary contributions.

However, pay attention to the glycemic indices of the varieties chosen, especially for seniors who have to pay attention to their sugar level.

The recommended fruits are obviously lhas watermelon and melon. Both consist of approximately 90% water with 6-7% carbohydrates. The tomato Scores even better with 95% water and 2% carbs. Otherwise, citrus fruits are also to be included in the list (grapefruit, orange, tangerine, etc.).

Varieties of essential vegetables

On another side, vegetables are also preferred, as well as fruit. Their consumption must therefore be daily. Health experts recommend one serving for lunch and another for dinner. It is also possible to consume it raw and cooked (to alternate), but the first option is to be prioritized because the water content is preserved.

Green salads must imperatively be part of the shopping list. Varieties like lettuce can easily contain up to 95% water that is easily assimilated by the body. They are also prime vegetables to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s. In addition, zucchini or cucumber also provide complete hydration.

Dairy products and their benefits

Often overlooked, yet highly recommended, dairy products are to be included in his daily diet. For this, it is necessary to consume two dairy products a day. Thus, cheese or even milk constitute unsuspected sources of water. Yoghurts and white cheeses are also to be taken into account in the batch. However, be careful with drinking yogurts, which are often flavored and contain too much sugar.

The products must mainly come from sheep’s or goat’s milk. The water content can reach, in this case between 80 and 91%.

The portions are nevertheless to be respected so as not to exceed the recommended carbohydrate rate (15 to 20 grams per day).

Drink alternatives to water

First of all, it is necessary to cite, in the first place, the drinks to be avoided from the list, especially during periods of high heat. The different types of soda are in particular to be avoided. Their water intake is minimal compared to the amount of caffeine and sugar they contain. The topo is the same for alcohol, wine or beer. Coffee and hot chocolate are also not recommended.

Water obviously remains the drink of choice. However, to vary the pleasures, it is possible to turn to fruit juices (with little added sugar). Energy drinks (non-energy drinks) are also effective in terms of hydration. Otherwise, thetea and coconut water are also good options.



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