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Voici la glace la plus chère du monde et elle coute plus de 6000 euros !

Delicious but very expensive, here’s the ice cream you won’t taste this summer. Because impossible, you don’t have the budget!

This summer, the ice is back in force. Whatever your favorite flavor, they will squat your freezer! Apart from this one, totally overpriced… We will tell you more.

Summer must-haves

Creamy, gourmet and refreshing, ice creams are the essential companions of our summers. A summer season cannot go by without them.

Whether you’re team sorbet or ice cream, they’ll inevitably still find a place in your freezer!

If time and motivation tell you, you can even try making them yourself! To do this, you need to quickly invest in an ice cream maker and make the ice cream you like.

The stars of the season are also the Italian ice cream. Creamy and airy, they invade our streets and seas as soon as the beautiful season arrives.

Less greasy than classic ice cream, this variant of Italian cuisine gelatoowes its success in part to its very special texture.

Some people also like them…with yogurt! This recipe is actually getting more and more followers. Because it is the right compromise between an overly rich ice cream made with cream and sorbet, sometimes considered a little bland!

And good news: to make them at home, you don’t even need a device. Some recipes that can be found on the Internet actually exempt you from buying an ice cream maker.

Whatever your taste, you won’t want to fail to treat yourself to these delicious fresh desserts. Nevertheless, a very particular ice cream is not likely to end up in your freezer.

It is the most expensive ice cream in the world. This one is Japanese and it simply costs more than your new home cinema!

A luxury ice cream is sold at a golden price

Called “byakuya”, this little wonder of taste is worth almost 880,000 yen, or around 6,300 euros. It is made by the Japanese brand Cellato and was developed by chef Tadayoshi Yamada.

It is a sweet-salty combination. And it is made only from very luxurious ingredients. This ice cream contains, among other things, edible gold leaf, Parmesan cheese and a drop of sake.

The latter is also advantageously composed of white truffles. And it is precisely these that significantly increase the price of this ice cream. Because the price of this rare dish costs around 15,000 euros per kilo.

We therefore understand why “byakuya” is so far too expensive. And it’s not finished. Because this delicious delicacy also requires a whole protocol to taste it.

It is actually recommended to pour white truffle oil on the dessert and then taste it when it starts to soften.

A Guinness ranking

As long as you add a few extra euros to your bill, Cellato advises tasting a grand cru with it. Champagne, French white wine or well-chilled sake.

This ice cream is so atypical that it could onlyfigure in the Guinness World Records. A real pride for the Japanese company that designed it.

“It took us over a year and a half to develop, with lots of trial and error to find the right flavor. Achieving a Guinness World Records title was worth it”explained a representative of Cellato.


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