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here is the reason why we are not ready to see his biography

Madonna shaped an entire industry, and all generations from the 80s to today. As she celebrates her 40-year career, La Madone has decided to mark the occasion by announcing an event tour. But before starting the project of performing on stage, the singer with a scandalous career intended to embark on a biopic depicting her own life. But fans of the icon will have to forget this idea… At least for now!

Madonna: her film project stalled for this reason

According to the magazine’s revelations variety, the film project of Madonna’s sulphurous life would come to a standstill. “The project, which the icon himself was supposed to direct, is no longer in development at Universal Pictures“wrote the medium. Regarding this decision, the pop queen did not say anything, although she is very excited about the project, in which she was very involved. But what made the production abandon the project? Everything would actually be due to a problem with timing. In fact, the artist would be totally focused on his tour justified The party trip which begins on July 15. But relatives of the interpreter of Like a Virgin revealed that she “rwas determined to one day make a film about her life“. All is therefore not lost.

The project is still so far advanced

This news is unexpected among fans because the project was already so far advanced. In fact, the scenario was already underway and the name of the actress who would lend her features to Madonna had even already been revealed. It’s Julia Garner! And this actress has already been seen in Invents Anna or i Orzak. The latter already has a very promising career because she can boast of having won one Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe. A very serious choice on La Madone’s part… So let’s hope she will get back to work on this film as soon as possible.




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