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Here’s what happens to a man who tried to save a cat on a deserted road

© This is what happens to a man who tried to save a cat on a deserted road

The man shared on his social media the exact moment he was approached by 13 cats. He first met a cat. Then twelve more came out of nowhere.

A man lived a poignant moment that may have changed his life. And this after being “attacked” by a group of young cats. The latter has now become his pet.

The incident, documented on social media by the man identified as Roberth Bradley, happened while he was driving on a country road. He then decided to stop after seeing a small cat on the side of the road.

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The man says:

As the man explains, he decided to get out of the car because his wife had told him she wanted a cat for their country house. He therefore saw an opportunity to save the animal.

After getting out of the car and after taking the kitten in his hands, the man began to notice that from the wooded part of the road the other members of the litter appeared, one by one. All were apparently ownerless.

When he held the first cat in his hands, it was easily considered a “decoy” by this one “band of cats”, the other kittens rushed at him. Which gave rise to a truly touching scene. But he also tore his heart.

According to international media

Cats are also at risk of transmitting diseases such as feline leukemia.

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In it video that the now proud owner of 13 cats published, he explains that he had left his job to devote himself to his hobby. It was then that on the road I saw a kitten pass by that I knew would not spend the night. My wife wanted a cat for the yard. I thought about stopping and saving the cat. I stepped back to make a short video. Then I was attacked by the whole litter,” he explains in his message.

The video innitiale has gone viral due to the “peculiarity of the ambush”. However, the man continued to tell his special story on his social media. He then decided to take the cats in, get them into his van and take them away to give them a home.

A video made after the ambush shows the group of kittens playing in different corners of the van.

The now superhero of these cats confirms that he has them all in his home and that he is currently trying to find homes for each of them.

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“Thank you to everyone who offered to help – we are working to find good homes for them all! Meanwhile, the kids love them and we fatten them up! “, she said.

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