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Here’s why cats have thorns on their tongues

The cat’s tongue is a very special organ. Its raw and rough texture sets it apart from the rest of the species. This is why anyone who has this cat as a pet has experienced the roughness of this muscle organ when the cat licks the skin. However, little is known about why these animals exhibit this trait.

Contrary to popular belief, the cat’s tongue is a key element for them because it has multiple uses. Every time a cat licks itself, it deposits at least 50% of this liquid in its coat. This is to cool his fur and regulate his body temperature. This is according to a study published in the journal Proceedings. by the National Academy of Sciences in 2018.

Why do cats have rough tongues?

A cat’s tongue has small structures called filiform papillae. These are small, curved keratin spines that are typically sharp. Therefore, this organ has a rough texture.

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What good is a rough tongue to cats?

According to National Geographic, the fine structures of the cat’s tongue detect an empty cavity right at the tip. It has a crucial function in the care of the animal.

U-shaped cavities collect saliva in the mouth. They then dispense it through the fur every time the feline licks. Each of these compartments can hold 1.4 microliters of saliva.

In this sense, the sense of relief that these felines experience is conditioned by their taste buds penetrating the fur and reaching the skin. “The taste buds have to reach the skin to dissolve oils and other materials. Persian cats have fur that is too thick for the taste buds to penetrate. Because they cannot reach the skin, the cat cannot completely groom itself.” scientist David Hu, co-author of the study, explained to SINC in 2018.

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These structures on his tongue are also useful for separating meat from bone when he eats. In addition, they also have a relaxing effect on the cat every time it licks its body.

What are the benefits of owning a cat?

In general, the company of cats helps fight stress, depression and lowers blood pressure. In addition, there is therapy with support from these pets to speed up the recovery process from a cardiovascular accident.

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