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Home insurance: Tips for insuring your home

Consider your insured profile for home insurance

The choice of home insurance basically depends on your insured profile. Indeed, the insurance needs as well as the type of contract to be taken out essentially depend on the profile.

Homeowners are thus not obliged to take out home insurance, although it is recommended. For non-resident owners, the signature of a non-resident home insurance policy is necessary.

It will be used to cover risks in case of hire or absence. If you are a co-owner, you must take out liability insurance.

A tenant of furnished accommodation is not required to take out home insurance, but can do so as he remains liable for any damage he may cause. There are also tenants of unfurnished accommodation who are obliged to take out civil liability cover.

This will be used to cover compensation to affected third parties in the event of a claim. As you have probably understood, the profile is the essential criterion for correct insurance of your home, because there is a complete range of contracts offered by insurance companies.

Determine the surface area of ​​the home and the value of the goods

In order to purchase home insurance, policyholders must provide certain information. To ensure that you make the best choice, it is therefore important to take into account the size and composition of the home to be insured. You should know that home insurance contracts consider a surface as a room if it measures more than 7 min 2 s or 9 min 2 s.

You should know that the kitchen and the bathroom are not insured rooms in the contracts. It is only in connection with accommodation with a mezzanine or converted attic that the contract provides cover. Other insurance companies consider plays longer than 40 min 2 s as two plays and not one.

Once the area of ​​the home is fully known, take the time to estimate the real value of the property to be insured. For this, you need invoices, receipts and all the supporting documents you have.

It is therefore important to learn how to copy or scan all documents. You should know that in order to properly insure your home, it is advisable to slightly overestimate the property and choose home insurance.

Carefully check the contents of the insurance contract

The scope of the guarantees is an essential element that enables you to properly insure your home. You should therefore know that the guarantees to cover risks and the associated compensation vary from insurance to insurance.

Some guarantees are optional, while others must be included in a home insurance contract. In general, it is important to have a civil liability guarantee which compensates third parties in the event of a claim in the home. The contract must also mention the chattel warranty, which provides for compensation in the event of loss, damage or breakage of personal items.

Valuables must have a guarantee that covers items such as jewellery, but also valuable items such as paintings, carpets, works of art etc. The other main guarantees relate to theft and burglary, fire, water damage, etc. To ensure that you sign a contract with a good range of guarantees, multi-risk home insurance (MRH) is the most complete formula.



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