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How do I know if my cat is happy?

It’s only natural to be concerned about your cat’s well-being as a pet. Affection and kindness are important to our four-legged friends. If your cat is happy, he will show you unmistakable signs.

Many owners ask themselves these questions: Is my pet happy? Is I treat it right ? Many breeds of cats have long been the subject of numerous scientific studies. This proves that the cat is establishing itself a close link with whoever takes care of him on a daily basis. The care, food and affection you give him creates in him positive feelings he associates with you.

Having said that, the cat can experience the same thing primary emotions as we experience them. If the dog wags its tail when it is happy, cats, on the other hand, have a completely different way of expressing themselves. Here are 5 signs that will tell you that your cat is doing well.

1. He meows and purrs in your presence.

Like humans, cats can be talkative too when they are happy in their environment. Since they don’t speak our language, they emit these little cries that we perceive as meowing. That’s how the cat is communicates his well-being and contentment to his master. However, we must pay attention to these signs. It could be, for example, that these meows are cries of protest, because he may be hungry. The kitten does this from time to time to show that it wants to eat. Sometimes it can also be the manifestation of a pain or a disease that makes him suffer, so he asks for your help.

A cat with his master

The spinner can have multiple meanings in the cat. That’s basically it sign of peace, relaxation and happiness. You will surely have noticed it when you caress it or when it washes near you. On the other hand, your cat may also purr when he feels stress and anxiety. In this case, it adopts a warning behavior. You may notice that his eyes are wide open, his ears are folded back and his tail twitches.

2. He takes his time to enjoy his food.

L’appetite remains an important indicator of the state of health and well-being in a cat’s life. For them, eating is a real privilege, where they take the time to enjoy.

We know that dogs used to living in packs finish their ration quickly to escape the competition. On the other hand, felines, which hunt their prey alone, can afford to eat more slowly. If your cat shows joy in emptying its bowl and has a very good appetite, this is a very good sign. An animal that feeds at the right frequency and in the right amount is undeniably happy.

A cat eats its food

However, be careful if they ask too much. Yes ! If your cat is hungry all the time, it could mean that he is bored, feeling stressed or that his diet is not being followed. It can also be signs of illness such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cancer or intestinal parasites.

3. Your cat often plays during the day

A cat, when it is happy, spends many minutes of its time playing indoors or in the garden. It is essential for their physical development and psychological well-being.

The predator has been in his blood since he was a kitten. Despite living in humans, the cat never lost the gray cell characteristics of their breeds. In addition, the game represents a means maintain your physique such as reflex, stamina and general health. He also plays for socialize with his brothers and sisters or his master. Thus, the feline can be particularly happy when it plays with you in the garden.

A cat is playing

Currently, many products for cats are available in pet stores. You can choose what suits you best. And finally, remember that the older your cat is, the less active it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s unhappy.

4. Your cat asks for hugs, licks and rubs against you

From time to time, your cat will approach you when you are on the bed or sofa. Snuggle up, rub their body or snout against you, these signs indicate that he likes you. That being said, he feels good about you and wants to feel you by absorbing its scent. Similarly, when he kneads you with his paws, it clearly indicates that he loves your company. Also all the kittens do it with their mother naturally from birth.

In addition, sometimes the cat will bathe with you. For cats, these licks represent a moment of intimacy and complicity. If yours licks you, it shows that it consider you an integral part of their social life. The kittens and their mother do it to each other to cuddle to show their love. They can lick your hands, nose, ears, face and from time to time. This is accompanied by soft nips and purrs.

A cat licks

And finally, if your cat lies on its back and lets you stroke its belly, you are a lucky owner. Yes, showing one’s belly is the ultimate act of trust in the cat. At that point they are very vulnerable and they know it. So if you have just owned your cat, it may take a while for him to show you, but he will come. Sometimes this also depends on their breedsthe most docile are easier to approach.

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5. He gives you little gifts

Just like people, cats love to give small gifts to those they love. In fact, our little predators are extremely proud of bring us back their booty. These can be a mouse, a bird or something else. The take it as a loving gesture.

Scientists believe they inherited this from their mother, who brought them food as a kitten. When you feed it, it brings you the fruit of its hunt in return for making you happy. Moreover, it is also a way to get your attention. He wants prove your skills in predation and brings you back its prey as trophies.

Therefore, even if you are disgusted to find these little gifts in the house or in the garden, he shall not be punished. First, it was probably well-intentioned, and second, he wouldn’t understand your reaction. The best thing to do is to diversify your activities and simulate a hunting party when you play together.

A cat that has just hunted

Does the cat have feelings?

Neurobiologists have long studied this question. They observe the animal at its level physiology, behavior and cognitive abilities. It can be pulse, ear position or tail position, etc.

It is indisputable animals feel primitive emotions. Elephants experience grief when they lose one of them, this illustrates well. Dogs feel the same way joy to see their master come home. But can we really say that it is a sign of love?

For the cat, it is proven that he feels at least six types of emotions. These are joy, fear, sadness, anger, disgust and surprise. In principle, this serves them to feed, protect themselves, reproduce. In other words, they are necessary for their survival.

How do you know if it’s feelings or emotions?

Emotions exhibit an adaptive function to the environment to help animal species survive. They may appear as instinctively or through learning. For example, if the cat was previously chased by a dog, this may induce a feeling of fear in him in relation to this.

A fearful cat

Rather, it is feelings specific to the individual and linked to their experience. In addition, they require a conscious assessment of these experiences. In other words, they demand that you call reasoning, memory and conscience. For example, you can become happy by recalling pleasant memories. Similarly, the cat may experience disgust when its litter box is not clean. And it won’t go in there until you clean it up.

In short, we cannot yet say whether animals feel actually feelings. Thinking about it, this would lead us to admit that they are endowed with a conscience and a capacity for reflection. In any case, no tangible proof of this possibility has been presented until today.

The very supposed emotions that we see in cats are only the fruits of his daily observations. Take effect, he observes you and learns from your feelings. It observes and records your behavior, the sound of your voice and your body language. If your cat seems empathetic when you’re sad, it’s actually one an appropriate time to ask for a caress. It is also the same when you are happy.



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