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how do you do it well?

We know that the cat is not a big lover of water. With the exception of very rare specimens, he tends to avoid contact with all of his power. But whether you are welcome or not, give one bathed your cat is a recommended habit, at least occasionally. This is actually used to remove dirt accumulated during walks, to remove excess hair during shedding periods and to get rid of any parasites that are located on the animal. If you want to know more, read on: you’ll find out when it’s time wash the catwhat steps to follow and what precautions to take to make this experience more pleasant for your feline friend.

How often should the cat be washed?

The ideal frequency with which bathed your cat varied. Various factors must be taken into account, such as:

  • hair type;
  • the season;
  • the animal’s lifestyle.

In general, a cat with medium-long hair needs to be bathed every 2-3 months. week; for specimens with short hair, once every two months may be sufficient. In any case, it is always good not to wash it too much: if the baths are too frequent, they can lead to deterioration of the hair.

Tips for not scaring the cat when washing

wash the cat requires attention, calm and, above all, a good deal of patience. First of all, you have to create a good feeling with the cat, calm it down with loving gestures, a calm tone of voice and slow and always measured movements. It is also advisable to avoid certain types of behavior that may bother or frighten it: in particular, you must be careful not to put the animal under running water and avoid wetting particularly sensitive and delicate areas, such as the eyes, ears and muzzle.

Equal attention must be paid to drying, preferably with a silent hair dryer or convector. It would then be a good idea to switch on these devices for a few minutes before aiming them at the animal’s fur, so that it gradually becomes familiar with the noise.

However, the ideal is toaccustom the cat to water from an early age: in the first months of his life he is always very curious and often, even alone, he does not hesitate to turn in puddles or venture into the rain.

Steps to be taken when washing

wash the cat is not an impossible task if you know how to approach it. Continue like this:

  • brush the cat’s fur, both to remove knots and prepare it for washing and to calm the animal;
  • prepare a basin with 10-15 cm of water and immerse the cat carefully, the ideal temperature is 38-39 ° C;
  • moisten the animal’s fur and rub it with a specific shampoo for cats. Lather well all parts of his body, but avoid the area of ​​the muzzle and ears;
  • rinse using a jug or spray head set to minimum power;
  • wrap the cat in a warm towel to absorb excess water, then use a hair dryer to finish drying.

Your cat’s bath is a sensible practice aimed at keeping his coat shiny and clean, free of tangles and parasites. If the cat is of a docile nature and has been used to interacting with water since he was a kitten, he may willingly accept this operation.

If he completely refuses water and shows clear signs of stress and discomfort, it is better not to insist too much: except in rare cases when bathing is essential, you can take care of his hygiene using special wet wipes, lightly moistened or dry shampoo .

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