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How do you get a cat’s attention to come to you?

Cats have a famous reputation for being clingy and always looking for affection. But this does not apply to all felines. Some are so stubborn that they will not obey their owners unless they feel like it. Training specialists have found the solution to raising your pet well, and that’s what we want to share with you in this article.

If you have a cat at home, we imagine you gave him a very cute nickname that would make anyone want to spoil him. Only he can consciously choose to turn a deaf ear, even if he is able to recognize your voice. You can insist, but nothing works! So how to get him to change his mind in this case.

When we adopt a pet, it is our responsibility to take care of it, to feed it and to love it, but also to educate it about cleanliness, the litter box, to get used to being handled, but also to show it certain limits not to exceed . And when education doesn’t work, a real training is needed ; in other words, your cat must obey your rules and not the other way around.

Cellar his cat. Source: spm

  • Teach a cat the “recall” with a specific sound

In principle, cats have a very strong personality and are relatively independent, which is why some have a habit of obeying their master’s orders. If you have a small feline, you’ve probably experienced it. Even using various tricks (like feeding them) won’t make him come to you. If you shake the packet of kibble, make noise with the box of moss and call it by its nickname Often and that there is none reaction on his side, use a certain sound; the cat comes running.

  • How do you get a cat to come to you?

A “recall” consists of getting your cat to come towards you by emitting a certain signal; it can be a whistle, a certain word, a click of the tongue… everyone has their own way of communicating with their little ball of fur. You can thus choose a word that you do not pronounce often. In Spain, the word “Misou” is used to call a cat. You can choose the word of your choice and repeat it in a soft and relaxed tone to give your cat confidence.

But if you choose to whistle to call your pet, don’t do it anyway ; you have to do it in a certain way so that he knows that the sound being emitted is aimed specifically at him. This flute must absolutely meet certain criteria; the sound must be unique so that your cat can distinguish it from other surrounding sounds, it must be able to reproduce it easily and be audible from a distance so that your cat can hear you. In this case, the flute is no longer considered an education, but rather a form of training. Your cat must therefore understand that this is an order and that he has no choice but to obey it. Also, the best way for your animal to respond positively to this noise is to associate it with a reward. To do this, offer him a treat every time he comes running towards you after your whistle to create a positive association between the sound and the reward. However, to give your cat the opportunity to do so understand the meaning of these rewards, do not give him more treats without first challenging him.

Two cats run

Two cats run. Source: spm

  • The reward is crucial in the training of a cat

In fact, rewarding your pet is also a very effective way to help it relax and to externalize all the energy channeled within it. Plus, it’s a great way to teach him to obey you. So make sure to always have treats at hand. On the other hand, if you have several cats at home, be sure to call each of them with a different intonation. A word or a whistlespecially dedicated to the collective reminder of the group ; especially when they are outside and you want them all to come in at the same time.

Feeding cats

Feed the cats. Source: spm

Remember this: only reward your cat if it comes to you after making the call. Otherwise, you will always have a hard time getting him to come to you when you want him to.

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