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How is Leocare shaking up the insurance world?

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Leocare is insurance that works differently. Instead of having offices all over France, this new generation of insurance is completely dematerialized. Through its application, it empowers policyholders. The latter can subscribe to the offers that interest them, but also, and above all, adapt them to their needs. To do this, they can adjust various options. Home, car or motorcycle insurance, all offers allow you to make big savings without sacrificing guarantees. Here’s how Leocare differs from other insurances.

Insurance that really meets users’ needs

For each offer, they have a selection of services. Car and motorcycle insurance is available in 3 levels of coverage. In either case, you can choose a third-party formula, which includes basic guarantees and, of course, civil liability. The middle offering is the Tiers+ formula. More complete, it allows you to drive with complete peace of mind. The All Risks insurance offers a very interesting optimal cover, which is aimed at heavy drivers and owners of nice cars.

Leocare home insurance works according to the same principle. Policyholders can choose between 3 levels of cover: Eco, Medium and Premium. The basic formula is very interesting, but does not cover events of electrical origin. The Medium and Premium formulas differ from each other in terms of the value of goods and valuables.

To benefit from insurance that reflects your image, Leocare offers you a wide range of options that you can adapt to your needs. Thus, people insuring a two-wheeler can activate their winterization option directly from the application. This tells Leocare that the motorcycle is not in use. This service is very interesting for those who only use their two-wheelers during holidays or weekends. Each insured has 150 winter days. The price is naturally reduced when the motorcycle or scooter is not in use. Among the options available, there is also school insurance, which completes the housing formulas and is very practical for families who want to protect their children. Still with home insurance, you can activate your snow card and benefit from the cover during your skiing holiday.

An application that empowers policyholders

At Leocare, the policyholders are not spectators, but actors. To take out the insurance, they need to download the application. Note that the Leocare application has already been downloaded more than 600,000 times. This then allows you to manage the various offers. From the Leocare application you have access to your contracts. You know your guarantees and the amount of your contributions. Leocare offers many options and services. To take advantage of it, it is also on the application that you have to go.

If you have car insurance, you can enter or change the name of the other driver. You can even add a young driver. If you have motorcycle insurance, you can activate or deactivate winterization. As you now know, you have 150 winter days available. Home insurance can also be customized. Because your life has changed, you may need to review the value of your possessions. Know that this process needs to be done every 2 to 3 years and every time you move.

As soon as you adjust your contract, the sum insured, and thus your contributions, will be revised up or down. So you have better control of your budget. At this level you can rest assured, Leocare is 100% dematerialized insurance. Because its operating costs are reduced, the policy offers rates an average of 25% cheaper for equal benefits.

Leocare, a new generation of insurance

To understand how Leocare manages to shake up the insurance world, you need to look at how it works. Unlike other insurance companies that have offices all over France, Leocare is completely dematerialized. Policyholders sign contracts from the application. This also allows them to change the options whenever they want. Policyholders can of course count on customer service being available via phone or chat. They are accompanied as soon as they need it, whether it is at the time of underwriting, in the event of a change in situation or if they have suffered an injury.

Leocare was born in 2017. The start-up welcomed its first policyholder the following year. This very young company was created in Cesson-Sévigné, not far from the city of Rennes. Its two founders are Noureddine Bekrar and Christophe Dandois, who is the current CEO. A few years was enough for insurance to seduce the public. Leocare now has more than 100,000 policyholders and 240 employees.

The founders and their teams want to become a strong and significant insurance company in the French market before launching into the European market. To seduce, Leocare constantly innovates and offers services that truly meet the needs of their policyholders. In the future, the start-up wants to make claims handling even easier. Several of its projects also focus on prevention, such as the built-in artificial intelligence service for road safety.

Leocare is an innovative and effective insurance that is constantly renewed. By choosing a 100% digital organization, the company offers very attractive prices without sacrificing essential guarantees. It puts policyholders at the center of the process and builds an offer that is both customizable and perfectly adapted to contemporary needs.



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