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how Metropolen will help the municipalities

Engaged in the animal cause, Nathalie Dehan, elected to the city, was commissioned in April 2021 by Bruno Bernard to work with the condition of the animals. Purpose: “to propose recommendations with a view to improving the consideration of the condition of animals” in the Metropolis’ public policies.

The report presented on Wednesday is “a first stone”. The meeting with the various actors (association, slaughterhouses, municipalities, etc.) took longer than expected. “As it is new in politics, my request jumped a bit in the services”, explains the elected representative.

Two cats can spawn 20,000 in four years

On February 1, Metropolis announced its first action: supporting municipalities to sterilize stray cats. An initial budget of 50,000 euros is released. The measure must be voted on in the standing committee on February 27.

“A pair of cats can generate 20,000 individuals in just four years,” says Stéphanie Arlenson, manager of the SPA dispensary in Lyon. “There are an estimated 60,000 stray cats in the territory of the metropolis, with impacts that are variable and very strong on biodiversity”, emphasizes Pierre Athanaze, vice-president of animal protection. He cites predated birds, mammals and reptiles or nuisances to the inhabitants.

“I have quite a few citizens who write to us or call us because they can’t take it anymore,” emphasizes Pascal David, mayor of Quincieux. “With an association, we had carried out a sterilization campaign. We have to drive back, but it is not easy, it takes time and money,” he said.

“If we want to be effective on stray cats, it must be throughout the territory. If all the town halls have identified this subject, they handle it completely differently. Some are still illegal,” says Pierre Athanaze, who remembers that every municipality must actually have or have a deal with a pound.

Animals can remain in the pound for up to 8 days, after which 52% are euthanized today. “Capturing stray cats with the aim of neutering them, identifying them and releasing them where they live is a more humane alternative”, insists Stéphanie Arlenson.



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