how much are employers willing to let go?

According to a survey by, the average starting salary has increased by almost 6% since the beginning of the year. More than the average 4.5% increase employers are preparing to give incumbents.

How much more will you earn next year? With rising inflation, the issue becomes crucial. First rule to remember: in terms of salary, it is better to be unfaithful. To get an idea of ​​trends, the site tracks month by month the average salary level offered in its job listings by employers who use its services. This does not apply to all offers, as the majority of recruiters are reluctant to put their cards on the table and therefore do not state any amount in their ad.

Nevertheless, the number of offers with the proposed salary is sufficient to give a reliable indication of the trend. Between January and October, the average level of the annual salary offered increased by 5.8%. notes that the increase in certain sectors far exceeds this average: +16.4% in the financial sector, +13.4% in manufacturing, +9% in building and construction.

4 out of 10 employees plan to request an 8% raise

If this inevitable difference between salary on appointment and annual development for the employees in place is generally well accepted, the current context this time foreshadows some tensions. The strong salary increases upon employment will therefore not avoid being used as a weighty argument by the trade unions in connection with the mandatory annual negotiations on the salary development.

Used by the unions, but also by the employees themselves when discussing increases with their bosses… This year, the stated priority goal is to achieve a significant increase to cope with inflation. According to another survey conducted by HelloWork of 2,000 people, more than four in ten employees plan to ask for an 8% raise.

Companies expect an average of +4.5%

But above all, 88% of employees surveyed claim to be ready to change employers if their request for a raise is rejected. Empty promise? We will see it soon. The average of the increases that employers have planned is still very far from the 8% increase that employees dream of.

According to the latest barometer conducted by Alixio with companies of all sizes, the average is 4.5%. With on the other hand surcharges, bonus value sharing, revaluation of restaurant vouchers, better reimbursement of transportation costs, which would mean that we would all be about 6% better than in 2022.

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