How much does it cost to insure a motorhome?

Motorhome insurance is mandatory in the same way as any land motor vehicle. The price of the insurance varies depending on several criteria such as the model of the vehicle, its age and the number of kilometers driven each year. We inform you about motorhome insurance to enjoy your holiday in complete safety.

Who can insure a motorhome?

The motorhome is recognized by the insurance code as a motor vehicle in the countryside, and the motorhome must have its own insurance. At a minimum, you must assume civil liability covering damages caused to third parties. But owning a converted recreational vehicle means you’ll regularly hit the road on vacation and even go on overseas trips. In this case, we advise you to take out motorhome insurance with a good level of protection. This is to enjoy good support in case of injuries.

All insurance companies and insurance brokers offer to insure a motorhome with levels of formulas similar to car insurance. You will thus find 3 levels of protection:

In order to find motorhome insurance at the best price and with a good level of coverage, we invite you to obtain various offers via online comparison sites. It’s a completely free process that allows you to quickly compare prices and warranty levels.

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What are the price criteria for insuring a motorhome?

Several parameters are taken into account when pricing motorhome insurance:

  • The criteria related to your motorhome: its category (van, VASP, profile, alcove, etc.), its age, its mileage, etc.
  • The driver’s profile: number of years with licence, damage history, bonus-malus coefficient, etc.
  • The chosen level of coverage: third party insurance, intermediary, all risks, warranty options, etc.

What is the average amount of RV insurance?

Taking into account the above elements, the average motorhome insurance varies depending on criteria specific to the driver and the vehicle. Prices may also vary depending on the chosen insurance company and the guarantees taken out. Thus, all-risk insurance will be more expensive than third-party insurance.

According to online comparators, the average price of motorhome insurance is between €250 and €550 per year. If you own a new, premium integrated motorhome, the price will of course be higher.

Good to know: Members of the French Motorhome Federation enjoy a 10% to 15% reduction on their annual insurance premium with most insurance companies. If so, be sure to mention it!

What should you pay attention to with your motorhome insurance?

When you consider taking out insurance for your motorhome, it is important to pay attention to certain parameters:

  • The expected number of kilometers
  • Travel outside France
  • The value of your motorhome
  • Membership of the French Federation of Motorhomes (FFCC)

It is important to be well informed about the options for guarantees in each car insurance formula:

In the same way, it is preferable to adapt the level of cover according to the time of use of your motorhome.

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