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How to calm the heat of a female cat?

Do you have cats and despite your love for them, the females especially bother you when they are in heat? Fortunately, there are effective methods of calming down a female cat who wants to mate.

Like humans, unsterilized cats have heat on average every two to three weeks. She is fertile for a week during this period and will seek to mate with a male cat. This heat period comes with changes in your female cat’s behavior. Therefore, some tips can help you calm one’s zeal. Here are a few.

Tip #1: Distract the cat as much as possible

In order for your cat to stop thinking about her breeding wishes, you need to find out how distract her as much as possible. Make sure to give her your full attention by playing with her, brushing her hair and cuddling her. Offer new toys to your female cat. Find her a cat tree to entertain her and try to wear her out. If you succeed in tiring your cat at the end of the day, she will bother you less during the night. This is not a magic trick. On the other hand, it will allow you to appease the excessive behavior of your favorite pets to a minimum.

NB: The idea of ​​changing toys every day will entertain your cat more. This can cause him to forget his heat periods.

A cat is playing

Tip #2: Take a damp towel to soothe the heat of a female cat

For this second solution, you must havea damp towel or warm pad. The goal is to encourage your cat to come and lie on it. The heat symptoms disappear in a few moments. This trick is all the more effective during a heat wave as it will allow it refresh your pet.

As a reminder, cats don’t sweat as they have very few sweat glands. Unlike us humans, felines have it more difficult dissipate heat. To avoid heat stroke, you can choose this wet towel technique.

Tip no. 3: Induce ovulation in the female cat

Pussy ovulation triggered during mating. If you do not plan to marry your cat to a male, but you want her heat to stop, make an appointment with your veterinary. The latter will perform a hormone injection on your female cat to trigger her ovulation. The symptoms of the heat period will stop as soon as this is done.

A cat sleeps on a pillow

Tip no. 4: Give the female cat calming products

You can also use homeopathic or phytosanitary products available on the market. Before giving it to your kitten, ask your vet for advice. He will know what to do and what product to prescribe to calm your cat’s behavior according to her state of health.

Tip #5: Spay the female cat

That sterilization of your meowing animal may also be the best decision to make.

This operation involves removal of the ovaries of your cats. It must be done from the age 4 months, before the first heat. Spaying thus makes it possible to calm the heat of your female cats during their reproductive cycle. In addition, it also protects your animal from various health problems his whole life.

These include in particular:

● the appearance of breast tumors;

● mastosis or enlargement of the mammary glands;

● uterine infections, etc.

This technique also avoids encounters between cat breeds. At the same time, it prevents the transmission of viral diseases such as leukosis.

Contraceptive methods to relieve the cat’s eagerness: good or bad idea?

You can of course consider using contraceptive methods. In this connection, always ask your vet for advice on your animal’s well-being.

Contraceptive methods to relieve the glow in the cat

Contraception in female cats comes in several forms.

Takes birth control pills and gives injections

To prevent your little ball of fur from going into heat, you can give it a birth control pills. You can also choose to inject your pet. Note that the contraceptive should be taken at the time of the heat period, not before. Depending on the brands, your cat will have to take the pill once a week or every 15 days. The hormonal injections will be made every 4 months.

Before starting birth control treatment, make sure you have your vet’s approval and advice. In addition, your cat must be pubertal and not pregnant. However, it must be emphasized birth control pills and injections are practice is discouraged by experts. This is mainly because of the synthetic hormones they contain. These promote the risk of pus from the uterus (metritis), diabetes, breast tumors. They can also cause a significant weight gain.

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female cat places implants under the skin

For a temporary sterilization of your cat, considersubcutaneous implant. This method of birth control is effective for several months or more. Its duration of effectiveness depends on the active ingredient used and the type of female cat to be treated. Implant placement is also one reversible contraceptive solution. These can be removed when the cat’s heat stops.

Placement of implants under the skin of a cat

A female cat’s reproductive cycle

The periods of heat in the cat indicate the moment when she is ready to mate with a male. A female cat’s heat starts to appear as soon as your kittens reach puberty. It is in particular around 6 months of age. They usually last between 7 and 10 days. They can each be repeated 15 days if mating does not take place. Unlike the female dog, female kittens come into heat a number of times during the same breeding cycle. They only stop when a male impregnates the cat.

Symptoms of a female cat in heat

She meows and purrs more than usual

Loud meowing is undoubtedly one of the most common manifestations of the heat period in female cats. It is also the heaviest of all. Your cat meows day and night, more or less desperately. The fact isshe is trying to attract men with which one mates. His meows can become deafening to achieve his goals.

A female cat in heat

A horny pussy is too more nervous and restless than usual. In the absence of reproduction, this tension can become unbearable for people who share their space with the pet. During the heat phase, the cat will trying to get out by all means. If you don’t want your kitten to wander off, consider locking her up during her arousal period.

A special position that calls for mating

Unlike the female dog in heat, it is rare for female cats to show vaginal discharge or swelling of the vulva. In fact, kittens only secrete mucus on rare occasions. It is also recommended to consult a doctor as soon as your cat shows secretions. They are often a sign of kidney stones. When a cat wants to mate, she takes a certain position. She comes at an angle, raises her back, shakes her tail and shows her genitals. At this point, the female cat can no longer control her urge to be impregnated by male cats. So he meows and purrs more than normal.

A meowing cat

Your pussy rolls on its own

If your pussy rolls casually by turning on itself or rubbing its head and neck against soft surfaces, you will know it is in heat. The female cat in heat may also urinate near her litter box or anywhere in the house. For this she adopts a special position puts his tail in the air. You may also notice other common signs or manifestations of cat heat, such as:

  • abnormal emotional behavior;
  • fairly regular grooming sessions;
  • and a repetition of mating positions with the tail positioned to the side.



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