How to choose the right home insurance?

Do you have doubts about how to choose your home insurance and which offer suits you best? Why not choose insurance that adapts directly to your specific needs? Discover the benefits of tailored insurance.

Regardless of whether you own or rent, your home is both a place of life, sanctuary and well-being, which holds your most precious possessions and memories. Unfortunately, the disaster scenario of water damage, fire or burglary spares no one. That is why it is important to subscribe home insurance tailored to your needs. Here are our tips for choosing the best cover for your home.

Home insurance: what are my needs?

As a tenant it is mandatory and will be requested by your landlord. If you are an owner, two scenarios are available to you:

  • You are a co-owner: you must take out home insurance if your co-ownership regulations require it,
  • You are the owner of an individual property: the subscription is not an obligation.

Regardless of your status, however, it is strongly recommended that you sign a contract to take advantage of the home insurance guarantees and thus prepare yourself for all eventualities. In order to target the home insurance offer that meets your needs, it is recommended to take into account several parameters regarding your home, such as

  • The total area of ​​the home and the number of rooms to be insured,
  • The date of construction of your home,
  • The available equipment (swimming pool, solar panels, fireplace, garage, etc.),
  • Valuables that you own (paintings, collectibles, etc.),
  • The integration of school insurance into your contract (if you have children),
  • The level of coverage you are looking for.

This is a crucial step that may take time to gather all the necessary information. As the task can be tedious, you can contact your insurance company directly so that he can guide you through the steps. Another option is to contact home insurance comparisons. In addition to the competitive rates offered, using a home insurance comparator gives you a panoramic view of the quotes based on your personal simulation. This online tool allows us to offer you the formula that best suits your needs. However, you must ensure that your contract contains the so-called “essential” guarantees.

What are the essential guarantees for my home insurance?

Here are the guarantees that should attract your attention and should appear in your contract, in order to cover you as best as possible:

  • The civil liability guarantee is a legal minimum. In particular, it covers you for any damage that you or someone in your charge may cause within the confines of your building or anywhere outside your home.
  • The guarantee for “letting risks” is the mandatory minimum guarantee for a tenant.
  • The MRH guarantee: when you take out a multi-risk housing contract, the latter covers part of the damage that may affect your property (fire, water damage, natural disaster and storm, burglary, vandalism, etc.). Please note, however, that certain types of movable property are excluded from this contract.

To get the best home insurance policy possible, you need to make sure that you benefit from the above guarantees, regardless of which organization you choose. You can also add certain guarantees to your home insurance that are not included in the standard contract.

What options for secondary warranty? How can I adapt my insurance contract to my needs?

Depending on your home and its special conditions, you can add so-called secondary guarantees to achieve total coverage of your property. Do not hesitate to ask for different quotes to get a better overview of the price of your contract with your secondary guarantees. Among them you will find in particular:

  • An assistance guarantee: depending on the insurance companies, this may include locksmith services, hotel stays, security in your home, etc.
  • A swimming pool guarantee: it covers all incidents related to your swimming pool,
  • Pet Guarantee: it allows you to add cover to your home insurance for your four-legged friends and NAC (new pets),
  • Outdoor space cover: this covers installations such as verandas, garden sheds and sometimes garages (depending on insurance) which are not included in the ground contract.

You now have all the keys in your hand to choose the best home insurance, with a benefit level adapted to your needs.

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In collaboration with Generali

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