How to compare car insurance quotes online?

It may seem difficult to research the best offer on car insurance, but nevertheless it can be wise to make a comparison and thus achieve some savings without neglecting the guarantees. We invite you to follow our six tips for requesting a car insurance quote online.

Tip #1: Insure your car!

In France, any car that circulates on French territory must be covered by car insurance according to the Insurance Code. At least, you must take out a liability insurance contract, more commonly known as “third party insurance”. In the event of a car accident where you are responsible, this contract will compensate the victims for the damage caused by your vehicle…but not you or your car.

If you are checked without insurance while driving your vehicle, the fine is 3,750 euros, to which can be added a license deduction, days of community service, the obligation to fulfill your fees for a road safety course depending on the situation in which you are at the time of the offense.

Good to know: Even if you no longer use your vehicle, whether it is parked on the public road or in a closed garage, you are required to insure it unless you can prove that it is no longer roadworthy. This state of “wreckage” cannot be justified by a simple collapse. For example, it is necessary that the car no longer has wheels or a gas tank.

Tip #2: Define your auto insurance needs

Before you start looking for car insurance quotes, spend some time thinking about the level of coverage you want. The warranty requirements may differ depending on the car (a classic car, a car with more than 100,000 kilometers, a new car, etc.) or its use (punctual, every day to work, over short distances, etc.).

You should also think about potential drivers you need to insure: yourself, your spouse, one of your young driver children, a relative who occasionally but regularly drives your vehicle, etc.

By taking these different parameters into account, each insurance company you contact should provide you with a personalized quote that best meets your warranty needs and at a competitive price.

Tip #3: Prepare your driver profile information

To make an estimate, whether online, by phone or in an agency, you must be able to specify your car’s model, its year of use (indicated on the gray card), its power, its energy (gasoline), diesel, electric, hybrid ), its use (private or professional), etc. You must also state your bonus malus.

Good to know: When you take out your car insurance, if you have already been insured before, you must present the “information statement”, a certificate from your previous insurance company that gives an overview of the claims you have been involved in in recent years. and mention your bonus or minus.

Did you know ?

Was your car already insured with another insurance company? After one year of insurance, you have the right to terminate your contract at any time without notice. The new policy covers the termination of your previous contract to terminate your current car insurance agreement. To prevent a vehicle from being uninsured, your new insurance company must send this request by registered mail or electronically. The termination takes effect one month after receiving the request from your previous insurance company. You will then be reimbursed the part of the contribution that corresponds to the remaining contract period.

Tip 4: Increase your online quote requests

Each insurance company offers online the possibility to request a quote externally or even a simulation of your future contribution by signing a contract with them. Word of mouth and the reputation of the insurance company often means drivers don’t ask for quotes online. They find this research time complex or boring. They also don’t think about applying for car insurance that is only available online, for example.

However, with the development of online insurance comparators, this research process is greatly facilitated. You can thus obtain various offers and direct contacts to insurance companies by filling in a single online form. Thanks to the insurance comparator, you can evaluate different offers regarding the same guarantees, according to your needs, from several dozen insurance companies at the same time!

If you save time on the request by going through a comparison of insurance quotes, please be aware that the insurance companies you have chosen will then contact you by email or phone to offer you the quote that best suits your driver profile.

Tip 5: What does each guarantee cover for your future car insurance?

As mentioned above, third party insurance is the minimum guarantee possible to insure a car. It covers damage that your car may cause: injury to a pedestrian or passenger, damage to another vehicle or to a building, etc. Note that the person driving the vehicle and the person found responsible for the accident do not get compensation for the damage suffered.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to take out options that supplement the basic guarantees of this contract: 0 km breakdown assistance, legal defense for the driver, theft from the car, window breakage, loan car, the amount of your excess, etc.

Good to know: Some insurance companies have designed financial formulas to meet the needs of insuring a car that already has many miles on the odometer and for which you are looking for a cheap car insurance quote.

If your car is new or newer, or if it is a high-end car, it is in your best interest to take out comprehensive car insurance. So regardless of your liability in an accident, the bodily injuries and property damage you may cause to a third party or yourself as a driver will be covered.

Tip 6: how do you subscribe online?

You can subscribe directly from the website of the insurance company you want to choose, or subscribe to your subscription via an insurance comparator. When you sign up online, the insurance must provide you with an insurance proposal that clearly states the size of the premium, the guarantees and the insured vehicle.

If the offer suits you (price, damage cover, level of protection, etc.), you have 10 days from the date shown on the expiry notice to pay your premium.


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