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How to get your cat home?

Cats often like to go for walks outside the home. There are techniques to make him love the way back.

Of an independent temperament, the cat likes to explore its environment. If some animals are homebodies, others particularly appreciate living in the open air. It is therefore sometimes difficult to bring in a cat who wishes to stay outside, even at nightfall.

In these circumstances, what are the tips to implement for your pet to join the household? Are progressive learning or reward education effective methods?

Why won’t my cat come in?

There are several reasons why a cat refuses to come inside. He can quite simply have an independent and curious character which pushes him to survey his local territory. If this behavior is not recurrent but sudden, it may reveal a disturbing element. The arrival of a new pet (a fellow animal or a dog), for example, is a common explanation.

In certain situations, your pet may be afraid or anxious. The source of the stress should be identified as quickly as possible so that he feels confident.

How to bring in a cat that is outside?

At nightfall or any other time of the day, you can use their favorite treats to get your cat inside. Do not hesitate to attract him by shaking his croquettes or his bowl. Its developed sense of smell and hearing allow it to easily detect its favorite food. Call it with a soft intonation. If he detects any hostility, he will stay outside and not show himself. Other tips are also effective:

This last solution gives him more independence. A period of adaptation may be necessary for him to get used to it and grasp its usefulness. If necessary, show him how the device works. Another way to bring your cat home is to take care of its living spaces, to keep them clean and welcoming. He must also feel safe there.

How do I get my cat used to going home alone?

To bring a cat inside, it is essential to carry out a gradual learning process, to familiarize it with certain habits. His education can be done by assimilating the moment of returning to mealtime or to a reward. This process requires several days or weeks to observe encouraging results and to ensure that the methods employed are proving effective.

You can optionally instill a command, an expression or even a hiss. This way, your pet will come back all the more easily. As a reward, you can plan a session of play or petting when he comes home, whether on his own initiative or at your request.




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