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How to insure your bike against theft, breakage, it’s here!

You’ve just bought a new or used bike, but you’ve only covered part of the way because equipment and safety are unavoidable expenses. The security of your bike will mainly go through insurance for your bike. Why ? We tell you everything! All the explanations by clicking HERE on bike protection.


500,000 is the number of stolen bicycles each year in France, i.e. almost a bike a minute, it’s a national sport! This offense is becoming more professional with increasingly sophisticated methods. Bikes are very rarely found and returned to their owners, although the registration of new bikes improves the refund rate. Faced with this scourge, be armed to protect your bike. Insure your bike against accidental material damage by clicking HERE

How much does it cost ?

It all depends on the purchase price of your bike to be protected. Most often, only the purchase value is the basis for calculating the insurance premium. Options such as cyclist insurance in the event of a fall or assistance in the event of an accident on the road or on can be offered bike protection. Who among the many cyclists knows how to repair a chain or fix a puncture?

How do you take out theft insurance?

The market has become completely digital. All players in bicycle insurance offer a paperless approach from subscription to handling your claim: “Easily declare your claim online in your customer area on this page in 5 minutes. As soon as it is received, our experts will calculate the compensation you can receive. As soon as your file is complete, you will be refunded within 72 hours. We are here to help you.”




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