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How to rid our garden of unwanted cats?

Although we all love animals, it can happen that we get annoyed when strange cats come squatting in our garden. Fortunately, there are tips that are easy to implement and not harmful to animals.

It is an observation today: the wandering of cats in a neighborhood probably remains one of them causes of great disagreement between neighbours. And yet this behavior is normal.

It should be remembered that throughout the day the cat, although he spends almost 12 to 14 hours for his resting time, likes to explore his environment. The cat that has access to the outer can groove several kilometers a day within 2 km of your home. Inevitably, passages in the properties of the neighbors are almost inevitable: the deposition of downfall, the damage in the ground and the returned flower beds become the subject of disagreement between owners.

This is in no way a reason to undermine the integrity of the health of cats that roam your property, but you can try to put in place tips for keeping unwanted cats away.



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