Friday, December 8, 2023
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How to take advantage of mutual health insurance for the best value for money?

Why use an online insurance comparator?

When it comes to supplemental health insurance, many people choose to stay loyal to their insurance company without wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. This is a mistake not to make, especially if you are getting older and the cost of your mutual insurance continues to rise. Playing with the competition can help you find the best value for money deals. To quickly find out which contract suits you best, use an online insurance comparator. If you are over 60, it is important to choose a cover that covers age-related health costs. With an insurance comparator, you just have to answer a few questions about your profile to find out what senior mutual best suits your needs and budget.

Identify exactly the guarantees you need

When you take out supplementary health insurance, you must make sure that all the mentioned guarantees are really necessary. The insurance comparator especially recommend adapting these to your actual needs. If it is a mutual senior, for example, you must choose a contract that reimburses optical treatment and hearing treatment. Hospitalization costs, blood tests and medicines must also be covered. Optional guarantees can also be taken out: alternative medicine, free teleconsultation, etc.

Final recommendations for choosing the right health insurance

By using an online comparison tool like Le Compareteur Assurance, you can save around 45% on your mutual insurance contract. Also consider the following tips to take advantage of good health coverage without straining your savings:

  • Check out the extraordinary benefits and other promotions: throughout the year, insurance companies can propose interesting offers, such as “two months free” for example.
  • Choose an online insurance company: Insurance companies that offer their services exclusively on the Internet are subject to fewer fees than their counterparts who work in physical agencies. Their offers are therefore more economical.
  • Choose annual payment: By paying your health insurance contract annually, you will be exempt from the extra costs associated with a monthly payment.
  • Collect all your contracts with a single insurance company: your loyalty will be appreciated and negotiations will be facilitated.

Indispensable for better coverage of health costs, mutual is characterized by an often high price. Relying on an insurance comparator is effective in paying less without cutting down on the quality of coverage.