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How to tell if eggs are still good


  • It is possible to eat 7 eggs a week without fear.
  • Consuming eggs during childhood reduces the risk of allergies later.

Tart, quiche, pancakes, omelette… Eggs are an ingredient widely used in cooking. To avoid contracting an infection with Salmonella bacteria, it is best to check that this food is fresh before cooking it, incorporating it into a preparation and eating it. For this, it is necessary to scrutinize the expiry date of the product. If you no longer have the packaging of the eggs, it is possible to ensure that it is still edible thanks to its smell. If you smell a foul smell when you open the shell, it means that the egg has expired and should be thrown away.

A dip for the eggs

The technique of dipping in water is used to determine the freshness of an egg. The latter consists of putting the egg in a container filled with cold water. If the food sinks and falls to the bottom of the bowl or glass, it means it is still fresh. If the egg stagnates in the middle of the container, it is still possible to eat it. On the other hand, if it floats, it is advisable not to consume it.

Listen to your eggs

Before tasting an egg, it is recommended to shake it and then place it next to your ear. If you hear a sloshing inside the shell, it indicates that the food is rotten. Conversely, if nothing is heard, the egg can be eaten or cooked.

Break the eggs

Breaking your eggs on a plate allows you to check that they are still good. If the egg white surrounds the yolk well, it’s a good sign. On the other hand, if the white is liquid and spreads over the entire surface of the dish, it is best not to eat it.



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