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Hunters are ready to seed

The Fayet hunters are committed to the Melsem program in collaboration with the OFB and FNC and the Departmental Federation of Aveyron hunters. This is how the association makes free seeds available to all hunting companies that undertake to sow and not harvest. The mixture to be planted in Fayet covers 2 ha. It consists of a base of meslin, to which the federation adds a mixture developed in collaboration with the National Botanical Conservatory of the Pyrenees and Midi-Pyrenees. Ultimately, you can find everything there. Early flowering plants, late flowering plants, cereals, legumes, there are even some maize and sunflower and a good number of messicole plants. A delight for the taste buds and also for the eyes. All interested hunting companies can place an order now. It is free. Only one requirement, it is necessary to sow and not to harvest or to crush.

Contact : Guillaume Druilhe, Tel. 06 72 74 10 06.



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