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“I think it’s bullshit”: Stéphanie (Name of a dog, the most beautiful is mine) died of jealousy in front of Cloé, her mother’s chihuahua (video)

The biggest canine competition ever organized in Belgium starts on RTL TVI. Everyone proclaims it loud and clear: “The most beautiful is mine! “. But is it really? They were more than a thousand to register to try to prove it! But only one of them will be crowned “most beautiful dog of the year!”

Electric atmosphere at Françoise, the owner of Cloé, a 17-year-old chihuahua. His only daughter, Stephanie, feels a certain jealousy towards the little dog. Basket and toys galore, a small bed next to that of his mistress, a large wardrobe with a colorful outfit for every occasion, the Chihuahua is a member of the family in its own right. “She feels a little jealousy, so much I buy things for Cloé“, notes Françoise with a small smile on her lips.

To announce her qualification for the next stage of the show, Françoise, originally from Gembloux, organized a meal at her home with her daughter and her two grandchildren. Barely out of the door, the girl, Stéphanie, asks in a dry tone: “So where is she?“. The dog is in his candy pink kennel. “MBut what did you put on him, mum?“Francis retorts, “It’s very pretty, it matches me“. Stéphanie does not seem to be of this opinion: “It’s not a little… How to say… Tight?” The verbal contest continues:No, that’s how it is. It is worn bent with the small raised collar. To show off a little”. She adds : “She’s the prettiest“.

A few minutes later, when Françoise has her back turned in the kitchen, Stéphanie questions her son: “Tu like his shirt, do you? Me, I think it’s bullshit“. The little boy shakes his head no, adding: “Hush, she’s coming“.

Françoise is well aware of what is going on behind her back: “Stéphanie does not appreciate that I dress Cloé because, and it’s true, she is super beautiful without embellishment.” No doubt, Françoise considers her little Cloé as “the star of the household“.



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