“I’m afraid the cats will come out”


The story begins like a horror movie: Ksiazyk – Do Carmo, a mixed family of four children and three cats, moves into a quiet neighborhood in Le Creusot, rue des Érables, in June. When they think about leading a peaceful everyday life, none of the members believe the rumor that has been growing for a few years: “Be careful, the cats won’t stay here long”, many of our neighbors warned. At first we didn’t believe them,” recalls Adeline Ksiazyk, the family’s mother. They, cats, they had three.

Three disturbing disappearances in a few weeks

When everything changes. From August 10, it is only Guizmo that becomes untraceable. Saw Perle, a young white female, a few weeks later. “We looked everywhere. We published notices on social networks, asked the whole neighborhood, “lists Alexandre Do Carmo, the father of the family. Without success. No trace of either. It is also the agony of…


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