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In Concarneau, the bistros are ready for the Blues finale! – Concarneau

This Friday night is the final, pitting the Blues against Lionel Messi’s Argentina on Sunday at 16.00, still far away. However, the meeting is already on the minds of customers at the bar La Verrière, located in the center of Concarneau. “From the start we’ve had a fantastic atmosphere here,” says local manager Nicolas Péron. With “people in every game in France’s team”, this World Cup is already a success for him. So this Sunday there is no question of missing this ultimate meeting. In total, “we are installing six screens by opening all our surfaces, but only inside”, obliges Winter. For football lovers, “it’s better to come early”, warns Nicolas Péron. “We already have reservations for people who want a table at dinner time! “, he informs.

Same success at “V & B” in Concarneau, which clearly benefited from a “World Cup” effect throughout the competition. “We were 100% from the start. On match nights, we see that we triple, even quadruple our usual clientele”, notes the specialist Fabien Decomps, who sees no major difference “with a summer World Cup, which we could have feared. the start “. For Sunday, the configuration will be the same as during the last meetings of the France team. Three screens will be installed, including one accessible on the covered terrace. “So we have something to welcome,” stamps the manager impatiently.

A WC experienced “differently”

At Comptoir, no screen on the terrace as in 2018, but still four available inside. If the international competition in Doha has undoubtedly “boosted” the presence of the establishment, “we still live this competition a little differently”, ticks off Reinald Condé, the manager. “Because of the cold, people leave a little earlier and party less. We also see that there is less consumption,” the manager analysed. However, the latter also expects a good turnout on Sunday afternoon. For the occasion, his indoor team will be boosted to be at the same level as in the summer. Also manager of “Couleur Kfé” in Melgven, Raynald Condé specifies that the place’s large room will be open?, with a giant screen for the occasion.

“Nothing to do” with 2018

At Café Crème, the results of this WC are much duller. “When we look in relation to 2018, there is no picture! There were so many people on the terrace that the road was partially blocked! says François Gourlaouen, who supports photos on his phone. According to him, “this year people preferred to stay at home, with friends and have pizzas delivered”. So for Sunday, only his screen at the back of the room will be on. Are you going to the Blues anyway?



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